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Published on December 7, 2015
by Nancy Clairmont Carr

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Have You Defined Your 2016 Spiritual Goals Yet?

When most people sit down to write their next years plans and the areas in which they want to grow or improve, the three most common categories around which goals are made include health, wealth and relationships. Those are all critical areas and need to be defined and updated continuously.  I submit that spiritual goals are equally if not more important and are overarching to all other goals.

What exactly does a spiritual goal include?  I look at it as defining who you want to be, how you want to show up, identifying your highest values and then how you are going to live them.  It is not a religious definition, but more of a description of your being. It can also include practices that make you feel more alive and fulfilled.  Some specific spiritual goals could be to learn mindfulness meditation, begin a daily gratitude practice, raise  your consciousness, learn to live in the present moment. If you need some ideas for some spiritual practices that you resonate with, check out this website for a list of 60 ideas. spiritual bucket list

I was having a conversation with a friend recently who was describing how her daughter was behaving, which at that particular moment was not something to brag about.  Instead of badgering her daughter or reprimanding her, my friend simply asked her if that behavior was how she wanted to show up, what she wanted to be known for. My friend said “If it is, be that way all the time.  If it isn’t, it’s your choice, you can change it. But be who you want to be consistently.”  I thought that was brilliant!

Your spiritual goals would guide you into specific behavior and choices at every level. Assume for a moment you decided to be more accepting of others, allowing them to be who they are and being less judgmental.  This may mean you stop defining other’s success or acceptability by your standards. If you live a congruent life, this single decision will impact every area of your life. The way in which you conduct your business endeavors will follow suite, as well as your relationships, how you serve the community, how you lead your teams and family, what you set as personal development goals and strategies, what sort of role modeling you choose. Every choice you make will be inline with this single objective and can be easily measured against it.

It is not unlike what you do in business when you set your purpose, values and mission statements. Only it is much more intimate.  You alone have total control of being congruent with your spiritual goals.  There is no one else that is responsible for you, for your decisions and how you show up.  It is a powerful way to live life if you want to grow, be responsible for yourself, live on purpose and maximize your potential.

This last benefit of maximizing your potential is a wonderful result from setting spiritual goals and living by them.  If your purpose is to grow into who you were meant to become, setting these goals and incorporating them into every area of your life will be life changing and optimizing for you.  Identifying and living your most important goals, including spiritual goals, is worthy of your time at year end and in between.

For more ideasPicture of nancy Clairmont carr , author of article on spiritual goals on defining and living your spiritual and other goals, let’s talk. I would love to help you explore this idea, expand it or live it out to create the lifestyle you desire.

You are awesome, I appreciate you!

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