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Transforming with Energy

Optimizing Outcomes Through Nature

Science has proven that we can change our brains, thought patterns and consciousness. It is simply a matter of changing our energy. We can now control the expression of our DNA through lifestyle choices and Biofield Therapy, or energy work. The field of neuroscience incorporates multiple methodologies to help us transform our mindset, beliefs and results most optimally. 

Throughout The Joy-Effect you will learn about many of the specific methodologies that are incorporated into this coaching model and training program to facilitate transformation. Whether you are looking for exponential business growth, optimized health or relationship improvements, you will find a program that serves you well. To determine best fit for your specific need, sign up for a free consultation

Energy Systems

Restructured Energy System 

No matter the modality used to create change, it's our energy field itself that must be rewired to create real transformation. Any change we attempt to make will not be permanent without addressing our energy imprint.

The modalities used within these programs identify and optimize all energy patterns, beliefs, and neuro-pathways that need to be changed for an energy field that supports continuous optimal expansion and self-expression. 

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