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Welcome to The Joy-Effect!

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No matter who or where you are in life, choosing joy will propel you to your highest good.

Are you feeling balanced, on purpose and full of joy?  Or are there some areas in your life you want to change to create those feelings? If you are a growth oriented individual, we already have a lot in common. My passion and life’s work is to support those who are ready to make changes to live more fully and create a joy-effect throughout their life!

What if your life were different?

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You deserve a life of freedom, abundance and the joy-effect!

What would you want that to look like? Would it be less pain in all areas, better health, business growth, more loving relationships, financial security, peace within and freedom, abundance and joy throughout your life? We are designed to be growing, loving and joyful beings. If you are not feeling that way, it’s time to make some changes and I would love to help you!

I have been transforming lives for over 16 years, using my 30 years of leadership, health/lifestyle coaching and energy healing.  I removed my own stuck energy and pain and have created more joy and abundance in my life than I thought possible. “Nancy is genuinely interested in helping people. She helped me understand what to change to achieve my goals and be more balanced professionally, emotionally and physically…I can count on Nancy for total solutions.” Aurelie Spirito, Business Owner

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The inner work you do will create the abundance and joy you seek.

After many years of helping others while working in a corporate model and living a very stressful lifestyle, I left to become more aligned with my purpose. Further lifestyle coaching, energy medicine work and spiritual development allowed me to positively change every aspect of my life and live at my highest level of joy! I help transform others now through core shifts in mind, body and spirit to empower them to achieve their dreams and live their highest self-expression. Intentionally creating your feelings is a powerful strategy to change your life permanently.

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You can create a life where abundance and joy surround you ~ the Joy-Effect!

I would love to help you create a vision of your future and help you get there! We would remove emotional baggage, limiting beliefs and habits that don’t serve you. Then, replace them with with the mindset, self-love and actions that will manifest your vision and surround you with abundance and joy.

Does this sound attractive to you?  Then let’s see if there is a fit between us and if you are ready to commit to your success. When you decide to be in charge of your life, you can create anything your heart desires.

I can help you create your desired feelings and results through these offerings.

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    Release what is not in your highest good.

    Energy healing systems will help you make emotional, spiritual, physical and mental shifts;

  • Health coaching will help you create a vibrant energetic body, mind and spirit through new lifestyle habits;
  • Nikken solutions provide health, time and financial freedom and overall balance through wellness technology products and a wellness business platform.

Perhaps you only need one service or all of them to get your desired results.  I am happy to serve in whatever capacity feels right.   If you are ready to create your new future, please contact me and let’s talk!

Thank you for visiting The Joy-Effect.  I look forward to helping you live with more freedom, abundance and joy!

You are awesome, I appreciate you!

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