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Published on November 6, 2016
by Nancy Clairmont Carr
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bicyclists showing active wellnessActive Wellness Lifestyle Through Technology

It’s a great day for all people interested in Active Wellness- healthy, active, energy-filled lifestyles, naturally! Nikken has been developing wellness products with nature’s tri-phase energies- magnetics, far-infrared and negative ions- for over 40 years for this tribe, and is launching two powerful new technology products! For product launch details click here product-launch-nov-2015.

 nikken's kenko touch active wellness device
Nikken’s Kenko Touch Active Wellness Device

Nikken’s newest energy technology products include The Kenko Touch, and True Elements Technology Shampoo and Conditioner, both with Tri-Phase technology.  What?  How can Shampoo and Conditioner have magnetic, far-infrared and negative ion technology in them?  Well they do! They provide penetrating hair and scalp treatment, and only Nikken could have possibly figured it out.  The Kenko Touch is a powerful energy mover, relaxer and massager that reduces inflammation, aches and discomfort quickly.  The perfect product for active wellness! One client had his foot bunyonette ache go away in 10 minutes from the Kenko Touch which allowed him to resume jogging. How great is that!

My first product experience 17 years ago with Nikken’s tri-phase sleep system helped me resolve in a month, a sleep challenge I had for over 20 years. I have been using and sharing these active wellness products with thousands of people ever since. The list of positive life-changing product experiences for just about every health condition under the sun from these people fills my computer! Nikken provides energy products that enhance every aspect of your lifestyle- sleep, air, water, nutrition, skin care, personal use products and devices. Over the years, the Kenko Sleep System and pimag living water for active wellnessPiMag Living Water have been extremely influential in giving people their lives back. What could be better than living in a wellness home, office or any environment, where if you sit, stand, exercise, sleep, breathe, drink water or eat you can do it with more energy, completely naturally, without having to change your habits? Not much! Total convenience and life-optimizing.

The reason Nikken and their products are so significant is because a whole population of over age 30 (like my friends and me!) has banded together and are trying to stay young, healthy and extremely active forever.  They are tapping into the support of technology products and strategies that help them participate in “healthy longevity”, as described in the book “The Methuselah Effect” by Patrick Cox. With the help of the Nikken technology products this active wellness tribe can do whatever they choose to do- continue with their iron-man competitions, crawl on the ground with their children or grandchildren, release aches and discomforts from chronic challenges and even create a new business to support passions or retirement!

All this and more will be discussed at the New Product Launch Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 6pm at my home.  Click here for product launch details product-launch-nov-2015.You are all invited to participate whether you live in the Minneapolis, MN area or not. We can connect you to the event either through live Zoom video or welcome you in person to experience and learn about the products, Nikken’s philosophy of the 5 Pillars of Health and the opportunity to share Nikken with others. You will hear the profound product experiences of others, along with hearing Nikken leaders discuss how the products and lifestyle suit the Active Wellness tribe. Come and create your health and life exactly as you want it to be!

transformational coach and active wellness distributor nancy Clairmont carrJoin the excitement! For additional info, contact me or check out my website www.thejoy-effect.com to learn about the Nikken products and other energy shifting ideas!

You are awesome, I appreciate you!

Nancy Clairmont Carr
Holistic Health and Transformation Coach
612.385.3220; www.thejoy-effect.com



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