Application to The Joy-Effect Executive Coaching Programs

Thank you for applying to our master-level executive coaching program- Creating Sovereignty and Consciousness- our one-on-one program, or Business Growth Acceleration- our mastermind/one-on-one dual-strategy program.

Your application expresses your commitment to a process that will uplift every aspect of your life. Both programs use our 'Conscious Leadership Model' to transform your life and incorporate higher consciousness development, the currency of the new environment.

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Whether you want to 

  • exponentially increase your income 2-10x or more 
  • create optimal mental, emotional, and physical health for energy and vitality to accomplish your dreams
  • optimize or attract significant relationships in your life

our coaching programs will empower you to realize all the above. We know it will, because we have already taken many leaders through our Conscious Leadership Model with success!

Our transformation process is based on universal energetic principles that fundamentally transform your beliefs, clear all your energy and success blocks, and bring in energetic upgrades to create a higher consciousness version of you, needed to create and thrive in the future you desire.

There is no limit to what you can create. Accepting this possibility opens the doors to achieving it. Give yourself permission to transform.

Please submit the completed application and we will contact you soon to discuss it. Thank you!

To your joy, abundance, and sovereignty,
Nancy Clairmont Carr

Application for The Joy-Effect Coaching Programs

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Please check the program you are applying to

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