Did You Know Pain Costs Opportunity?

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Did you know pain costs opportunity?  What have you been missing? Does physical pain keep you from an active lifestyle, or emotional pain prevent you from new relationships, or financial pain hold you back from spending more time with family? All pain is from stuck fear, imbalances and limiting beliefs. Why let it cost you opportunities when you can get unstuck now?  “My first session with Nancy was incredible!  I felt like I lost 20 pounds of emotional baggage and feel...

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What’s Your Pain Costing?

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Your pain is costing you! What are all the ways it gets in your way? You know those pains you have learned to live with?  The physical or mental pain from health challenges, or the emotional pain from a relationship gone sour or past trauma, or financial pain from never earning what you really deserve or just hating your job. Yea, those pains. You know what all pain points have in common?  In every situation, there are fears, beliefs, habits and underlying stuck negative...

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Personal Freedom-Express It!

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I love Independence Day.  I know it was last week but let’s celebrate it for at least a month!  It represents one of my highest values- personal freedom. It means I get to follow my passion and do the work I love. It also means I get to choose with whom I work, spend time, to whom I listen, how I develop myself, contribute and to whom I answer.  We all do. What a gift. Life doesn’t’ always serve us equally in opportunity. However, we all have a chance to remedy that and...

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Optimized Health Includes Body-Mind-Spirit

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So what does this mean? When we discuss health, aren’t we just talking about how our physical body feels and maybe some mental health imbalances? I think that is the norm, however that only begins to address what really drives optimized health. Yes, all the physical health markers are important and provide a good baseline for understanding our health. To really understand how to improve it and any associated pain, we need to look at the underlying causal factors....

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Self-Care for the 21st Century

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Self-Care or Health Care- What is Your Choice? What comes to mind when you hear the words self-care?  Hopefully, strategies you can do for yourself that help you improve some aspect of your health and well-being. Now when you think of the words health care, does the image change?  Absolutely! For me it conjures up an industry that is responsible for taking care of us, removing responsibility from us to make optimal choices for ourselves for long term health and vitality. ...

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