Choose Your Feelings, Create Your Future

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Choose your feelings carefully! It is very empowering to know we get to choose our mindset.  If we don’t like what we are thinking or feeling, we can change it. In this moment.  In fact, it is only in the moment that we have influence over ourselves and our future.  All decisions and actions come from how we think and feel.  Our decisions in the moment create our future. And all wellbeing comes from creating positive feelings and actions. The more positive our feelings and...

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Insomnia – you can’t really live with it!

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Living with insomnia my entire college life and the first 15 years of my career has made me keenly aware of how it robs one’s quality of life. I have discovered the cure and no longer allow outside pressures and other people’s choices to bring about a cycle of sleeplessness for me. I actually left my corporate marketing career voluntarily to create more balance in my life and figure out the insomnia thing, along with addressing a few other lifestyle choices that...

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How important IS hydration?

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Health Coaching | 1 comment

We forget the simple things that keep us healthy.  Like hydration. I was visiting with my Dad recently and we were discussing his water consumption, or lack thereof.  At 89 years old, although he has done pretty well, he has habits that don’t always support his longevity and vibrant health goals. I have been asking him to increase his hydration over the last several years and for some reason, he finally did.  Going from 1 glass of water per day to 4-5, he noticed a...

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Social Wellness ~ Online and in the Real World

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Social Wellness is our theme. We’re all about health and wellness.  Our theme today is “social wellness.”  With a new website, now we’re all about Social.  Not because we’re raving fans of social media.  Simply because we can amplify our passion for and message about Social and Wellness to you here, and reach you on social media there. So, when we talk about Social Wellness, we mean both, health & wellness for you and the social aspects of...

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Transformational Guide Spotlight Video

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Transformational Guide Spotlight Video We’re thrilled to introduce Transformational Guide Nancy Clairmont Carr in a new Spotlight Video. The Transformational Guide Spotlight video is 3 minutes and 55 seconds long and we hope you’ll take the time to enjoy it!   Just click ‘Play’ on the video! Please find the script I wrote below.  I stuck close to it. You are awesome!   I appreciate you! Nancy Clairmont Carr

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