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Healthcare Movement Maker

Nancy enables you to tap into your higher consciousness, shed old belief systems, and trust your intuition so that you become fully aligned with your purpose. After a lifetime of leadership coaches, she is the first I have experienced that works with you as a whole and connected human being.

Bridget Duffy , M.D.


Once I started coaching with Nancy, I became more intentional with my mindset and how I spent my time and energy. My monthly revenue doubled and continued growing ongoing. …. When you do the work, things become easier! Nancy is amazing, and I would recommend her program to every business owner. I am confident that you will receive a return on your investment!”

Angela Alvig , Business Owner

Keller Williams Realty Integrity Lakes

Since coaching with Nancy, I focus on my most productive activities to drive my business. It's a relief to do less and see more results. I have weeded out the things I thought I "should" do and only spend time and money on the things that are required.

With Nancy's help I rebranded my business with a new logo, website and brand guidelines to express my voice. It's been my dream for 5 years and she helped guide me to work with the right people, and to channel my message to my clientele.

My life has changed for the better in many ways working with Nancy. She is the trifecta of coaches - able to guide business transformation strategies, optimize health/nutrition and provide energy clearing and healing beyond the highest level I've ever experienced. It's an ongoing process like any good practice.

Her coaching is very personalized and an organic process, focusing on the most important topics each time. Nancy offers a high level of support between every working session and teaches key concepts for her clients to achieve results. I've come a long way- expressing abundance thinking and tapping into my intuition to guide me daily.

Rachel Loeslie , Realtor, Enlightened Living.Love

Client Centric Coaching and Consulting

Nancy is a gifted coach who helps her clients live in a state of joy by tapping into their truth and sovereignty. She helped me find my true professional purpose, identify and remove any obstacles on my path forward. Nancy has taught me to access my intuition and trust it for daily guidance. I'm now able to access the guidance that is available to me and to all of us.

Working with Nancy has led me on a path of doing work that doesn't feel like work but feels like pure joy. I always look forward to my time with Nancy because of her practical guidance, deep insights and positivity. She's an absolute delight to work with.

Karina Muller , Executive Coach

Lightcodes Consulting and Design

Coaching with Nancy has empowered me to get paid what I deserve (10X more), work with dream clients and has optimized my life in so many ways. She helped me remove limiting beliefs around money and taught me to have a more abundant mindset and make decisions more quickly.

She has also referred higher consciousness business owners to me and has connected me with so many amazing people. Prior to working with her, I always questioned how much to charge for my work, who I should work with and what paths to take.

I now tap more into my inner voice and have significantly increased my intuition after participating in Nancy’s intuitive development class. I use these skills in my business and everyday life so that I can live with more flow and ease. I highly recommend working with Nancy!

Ammada Tuy , Business Owner


Two years ago I decided to move to a different state to be with my partner and start my own chiropractic practice. Getting my business off the ground and bringing in solid numbers was stressful in itself and began to affect my relationship. Through Nancy's coaching I was able to connect with my higher self and follow a much smoother path. My business continues to grow and my relationship with my partner has never been stronger. Thank you Nancy for all your guidance!

Raquel H. ,


Working with Nancy has heighted my consciousness, strengthened my intuition and ability to trust and follow it. For some time, I didn’t feel worthy of the goals I had. She cleared these limiting beliefs. What a difference this has made in every area of life- parenting, finances, love, all relationships.

I appreciate Nancy’s directness. She is caring, but firm, with love and respect. Exactly what you need your coach to be. Nancy always has insights and suggested approaches to situations to continue creating ‘win-win” results, in both business and personal relationships. For all these things, I am thankful. Growth is a process, and I look forward to what’s next.

Rebecca , Realtor

Real Estate Investor

“Nancy is one hell of a coach! She has helped me transform so many areas of my life such as: developing intuition, aligning my mental, emotional and physical health, creating optimal outcomes that align with my goal of creating a life of holistic success for myself and my businesses. I'll always recommend Nancy to my friends and business associates - you’ll get a great ROI with her programs.”

Shayden Suknasky , Business Owner

Soma Soul Sovereignty

It has been transformational to work with Nancy, whether rebranding or for optimal nutritional support as my body releases old patterns. Nancy is deeply committed to supporting her clients with growing their leadership and work in the world, in health and in higher consciousness. Her joyful, compassionate, and direct approach is refreshing. She is one of the most thorough practitioners I know.

Elizabeth Sullivan , Owner

Sales Executive

When I met Nancy, I was looking for a career shift into the corporate world after owning my own coaching business for a couple of years. I did not have a clear picture of exactly where I wanted to go next and Nancy was a bright light to guide me. I was intentional about being successful and thriving in all areas of my life. Nancy helped me define my ideal new position. I achieved goal beyond what I had originally planned in financial abundance and culture.

Through working with Nancy, I released unsupportive beliefs, stuck points and raised my consciousness. I am now in a career that has an infinite runway, amazing colleagues and the number one corporate culture in America. Nancy taught me to trust my intuition, rely on my inner power and live with joy. I now embrace new situations with a positive outlook and confidence.

The process is cumulative. We have been working together for the past two years. I have let go of judgements against myself and others. I have also learned that we are the creators of our lives and our thoughts manifest things. I have experienced huge shifts in financial abundance, freedom and clarity of goals. I have been a student of personal development my entire life. But until now I had never experienced these kinds of shifts and achievements. I have a sense of peace that I never knew could be experienced. My work with Nancy has taught me that my life can be everything I want it to be.

Tara Peyerl ,

Conscious Branding

“Nancy and www.TheJoy-Effect.com have been instrumental in changing my life and my business for the better. I did not quite understand how mind, body and spirit all work together. Nancy provided invaluable insight and tools to help me develop higher consciousness to be better aligned in my business, life and health. I have the health energy I need now (without coffee or energy drinks), I understand how to leverage intentions for my business and in my life and how energy works in and around me. If you are a business owner looking to remove limiting beliefs and live a joyful, happy and fulfilling life, Nancy can help you and create a map for the future.”

Alan Wallner , Business Owner

Clear Simple Business

I recently started a business and was feeling stuck with defining my offerings and the sales process. Nancy helped increase my confidence and get unstuck. She also helped me release limiting money beliefs, which helped me attract my first big client. Nancy brought me so far in a very short time, both personally and professionally, further than many business coaches! Apart from doing the energy work, she is simply an amazing person. Her energy, love and passion for helping others is contagious and I ALWAYS looked forward to our sessions. My only regret is that they went too fast!

Sarah Becker , Business Owner

I began working with Nancy to help re-set my business goals. I have a financial practice that currently brings in $1,500,000 in annual revenue. I had developed a barrier to reaching out to a higher level of client. We removed that barrier and I have successfully made the transition and have laid the groundwork to increase my net revenue by 20%. I have every belief that this rate of increase will continue because I find myself not holding back. Nancy has demonstrated that she is able to work with people at any level and help them to achieve their goals. She goes beyond traditional business coaching to assemble a strategy that truly makes a difference in the lives of her clients!

J.C. ,


“When I started working with Nancy my goal was to grow my business and lose weight. She helped me define my business goals and reach and achieve higher than I would have imagined. My business grew 18%. It is so inspiring to understand what my full potential is which takes the pressure off wondering if I can do it. Nancy gave me tools to constantly reaffirm and focus on my big rock goals which were easy to incorporate into my schedule. She also identified things that were not a priority which saved time taking the guess work out of decisions.

For the healthy weight goal Nancy was persistent in recommending a specific path of action. Her strategy included personal optimization and creating habits to keep the weight off permanently. I was hesitant at first, but I have learned that when Nancy recommends something - just do it - it works! Sometimes the biggest hurdle to moving forward is ourselves and our blocks. She helps remove anything in your way.

The great thing about Nancy is that she is so excited about each of her clients and helping them achieve their dreams. She is so easy to work with. I look forward to each of our sessions, and in between she is available for questions. With Nancy’s support I far exceeded my business goal and achieved my personal goal! “

Katrina ,


“OMG--Nancy has blown my mind with her level of expertise in helping me both professionally and personally. She has helped me through a major stroke get back to full health and then some with her recommendations. I feel better now than I did before the stroke 2 years ago!! BUSINESS---She has helped cut my hours down at work by being able to tell me which clients are optimal to work with---so I am not wasting as much time on tire kickers and which potential employees are optimal for my company to help our company grow as well. She stole the Energy Bunnies energy and distributes it to her clients as well. I have and will continue to recommend her to others as well. Thank you, Butch”

Butch Sprenger , Business Owner

Lila Buffet Styling

I met Nancy Clairmont Carr in 2008 during a business event and was fond of her vibrant personality right from the beginning. I was touched by Nancy's genuine interest in helping the people she meets. She helped me achieve my goals to be a more balanced person, emotionally, professionally and physically. Her knowledge is profound and I am always amazed about the variety of tools and strategies she offers for coaching. Nancy is absolutely trustworthy. I can count on her whenever I need to find solutions. Nancy is very enthusiastic with a high energy level that makes you want to be around her and discover her secrets!

Aurelie Spirito , Business Owner

One Shining Light

Working with Nancy Clairmont Carr has been one of the best investments I have made personally and professionally. Nancy is multi-talented and has extensive training in many modalities. Because of my work with her as a transformation energy coach, my business has expanded exponentially, and my health is at its best, I have eliminated key stuck points that were holding me back. She helped me identify optimal strategies for my professional offerings while expressing my gifts profitably and creating more internal supportive beliefs. Most exciting was how quickly these shifts took place to mobilize my expansion. It has been amazing.

Louise Griffith M.A. , Business Owner

Reiki Master Teacher

Nancy, I want to thank you so much for your remote Emotion Code session. We worked on my shoulder pain and were able to release many trapped emotions! It has been 3 weeks now since our session and I can, without a doubt, say the session helped! I did experience a physical release for a few days, but for the past 10 days, I have had little to no shoulder pain! Thank you so much! I am entirely grateful for you and for your wonderful service.

Melissa Baker , Business Owner

My bones are beginning to feel stronger, due to Nancy’s unique skills. Working with Nancy has given me a whole new appreciation for “Energy expansion”

Very Satisfied Senior ,

N.D. State Library

Prior to my heart wall release with Nancy, I was extremely sad about the death of my 25-year-old son four years ago. I also laid awake nights with concern about intermittent depression that my 23-year-old son was experiencing. Before the emotion code sessions, I felt a little shut down and emotionally unavailable, especially towards my elderly mother, who was requiring some additional help. Since completing the heart wall release a few weeks ago, I have been able to be calmer about the major issues mentioned, putting them into perspective better. I am back to being able to be sincerely kind and giving towards my mother. I am very grateful for Nancy and this work.

Cynthia C. Schmidt , Assistant State Librarian

Author “Never Be the Same” and “Growing Your Business”

Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Nancy for her coaching and energy work. In just three sessions, 90 days and two decisions, I feel alive again. If you want more energy and to breathe a new sense of spirit into your life and work, make the decision. Listen carefully and make the commitment. You’ll be glad you did!

Mark LaBlanc , Business Owner

Vibrant Joy Movement

“Nancy's conscious leadership retreat was amazing!

Top takeaways for me are the importance of bringing awareness to every aspect of our lives- financial, self-care, nutrition- and integrate it into our lives. If you are lax in any area, there will be imbalances keeping you from moving forward. What I enjoyed most was the balance of materials Nancy provided that made it fun to learn and effective in developing one's own conscious, inspirational leadership capacity; and the people that Nancy attracted.

I absolutely recommend Nancy’s retreat to people that are interested in increasing their vibe to support creative endeavors in their business and leadership skills.”

Catherine Siri Sat Liska , Business Owner

Young Living Essential Oils

Having worked with Nancy Clairmont Carr successfully a few times before, I decided to specifically work on improving my financial abundance levels and decrease my ‘lack’ energy. Being in network marketing for 7 years, I was burnt out and feeling lost and stuck for about 6 months. After my session with Nancy I booked 4 events the first month, 2 additional large expos the next, and attracted a business partner I was seeking! It was like my creative brain worked again! I recommend Nancy for moving forward in your business and in life!

Michelle Bekkala , Business Owner


I started working with Nancy to grow my business, i.e. help more people, and make more money. I liked that she understood my business culture and model and could relate to what I was going through. Nancy helped me clear many subconscious blocks, patterns, and limiting beliefs so I could create my success intentionally. She kept me accountable for my growth. I have been with my company for over five years and with her coaching, I qualified to win my first incentive trip!

My favorite part of working with Nancy was the one on one coaching, where she provided intuitive guidance along with energy clearings. She empowers her clients to move forward even more quickly with healing audios to listen to in between sessions. Her approach is very unique and effective!

Ann Brecke , Business Owner

Personal Brand Consultancy

“Nancy is an intuitive, effective and inspiring business coach. She helped me remove the stuck energy, become more intentional and increase consciousness. I am now able to work with the people who are an ideal fit for me as a result of her coaching strategies. I recommend Nancy to other conscious leaders and influencers. “

Dawn Stebbing , Business Owner

Healthy Gourmet Beverage Service

When I started the Quantum Group Energy Coaching Program, I wanted to grow my business faster. I noticed my resistance to forward movement decreased quickly. Not only is the energy work helping me, it has created a positive effect on the people I live with and my clients. I also noticed my interactions with new people have been more positive right away. This is important as my business growth depends on it. The “homework” I do for the program is helping to change my mindset, is effortless and makes my growth happen much faster. I am excited about the total effect on me and my business.

Liana Dang Thep , Business Owner

Author of The Gratitude Jar: A Simple Guide to Creating Miracles

My first healing session with Nancy was incredible! Immediately afterwards I felt much lighter, like I had lost 20 pounds of emotional baggage. In the weeks following, I noticed situations that normally would have made me anxious or irritated didn’t bother me at all. The session itself was really gentle and easy. It’s hard to believe something so simple works so well. If you’re ready to drop any habits, emotions and illnesses that no longer serve you, I recommend working with Nancy Clairmont Carr. She’s a gifted, compassionate healer who brings bright light to this world.

Josie Robinson ,


I loved working with Nancy! She is dedicated to the healing technique and very efficient. I cannot believe what we cleaned up and cleared out!

Laura Niewald ,

O. D. Consultant

I have worked with Nancy several times with her healing work. She is a true healer. After the last session, I was no longer gripped with anxiety. This emotional freedom has allowed me to expand my thoughts of excitement and possibility in my life and good things are happening right before my eyes! Nancy takes such good care of her clients! I really appreciate her “check-in” calls and messages.

Georgine Madden ,

Nancy Clairmont Carr is enlightened, compassionate and thorough in her work. I highly recommend her for increasing overall health and well being. She helped me on my journey to heal my addiction to unhealthy food, which has been a very complex challenge. She is nonjudgmental and draws from her many years of study and practice with all aspects of health and the healing arts. Nancy’s work is permanent, transformative and supports a mind-body-spirit approach to health. I am very grateful for Nancy’s attention and abilities. She has made a big impact in my life.

Julie Shide ,

I asked Nancy to address a repeat dream that I’ve had for 10 years that’s always bothered me. After my session with Nancy, I was very pleased with the result! Little did I know I had many “stuck” emotions from the past that as a type A person, I had never put to rest properly. I no longer have the dream and couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Nancy to anyone who is open to a new way of clearing their energy from the past or present.

Katrina G. ,

Excelsior Real Estate

“I have never met someone so deeply passionate about helping people achieve health and energy in order to help them live their life to the fullest. She is an amazing listener, a creative thinker and is always focused on the needs and desires of the people she serves.”

Adrienne Thompson , Business Owner

I have known Nancy for several years. As a Mastermind Partner I have come to admire and respect Nancy ‘s energy, professionalism and ability to focus on goals she has set for herself personally as well as for her business. I am honored to call Nancy a colleague as well as a friend.

Michele Kowalchuk ,

Wings of Freedom

I have known Nancy since 2000. She is very people oriented and all types of personalities respond positively to her upbeat and helpful nature. I have also acted as a personal growth coach for her over the years. Nancy is very diligent and self-disciplined in her work towards self-improvement. Her thirst for knowledge and personal growth has paid off. Many people look up to her and seek her out because of the leaps and bounds she has made with her solid inner work. She is self-disciplined in using the tools on herself and for her clients. I highly recommend Nancy. She puts all of herself into her work and stays the course, bringing others on the path with her.

Maureen Higgins , Business Owner


I have known Nancy Clairmont Carr since 2000, both professionally and personally. I was originally introduced to her through our mutual affiliation with Nikken Inc. We have worked as colleagues and together in mastermind groups. Nancy is a person of high intelligence and integrity. She compassionately serves others in the health and wellness modalities she practices.

Maura Jane Griffin , Ph.D.

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