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Published on June 27, 2019
by Nancy Clairmont Carr

Resistance is a thief

Fear. Procrastination. Resistance. It all results in stealing your dreams.

Resistance is with us at all times.  It shows up as doubting yourself, acting as a victim, behavior that prevents progress and achievement.

What is the impact of resistance?  It delays you.  Your best ideas don’t manifest. It keeps your ego in charge, the part of your brain that doesn’t want to let go or explore new options. You are blocked from accessing optimal solutions and contributing significantly to the world.

An approach as predictable as nature

What if there were an easier way?  One that moved you forward as predictably as nature. A way to remove the fears, procrastination and thievery of resistance.

There is. It involves clearing away negative energy patterns and healing the ancestry and other lifetime energetic influences on you.

This approach helped Katrina far exceed her business and personal goals despite three significant setbacks at the time. Or Tara who experienced huge shifts in financial abundance, freedom and removing limiting beliefs.  They both now have tools to continue climbing to new heights.

Resistance vs. Flow

Are you open to learning how to get unstuck permanently?  Do you want to trade out the layers of fear and negative beliefs for achievement and transformation? Participate in “Optimized Lifestyle with Higher Consciousness Workshop: Ancestral and Other Lifetimes Clearing.” A workshop starting July 30th that will empower you to remove resistance every time. No exception.

You will replace resistance/ego with optimal solutions. Your hardship and struggle will be traded for flow and impact.  Which growth strategy do you prefer?

Take a look, ask me questions in a Free Consult. There is limited time and space to join this workshop.

Act now to remove resistance and create your optimal business and lifestyle.

To your free-flowing lifestyle,

Nancy Clairmont Carr
Where Achievers Grow

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Transformation Coach; Business Strategist; Energy Practitioner;
Speaker: #1Bestselling Author; www.TheJoy-Effect.com 
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