The Body Code Healing System

The Body Code- A Total Health System

The Body Code Healing System ™ was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It is a revolutionary approach to health and well being as it allows us to optimize every area of our life. With this program, we can create healthier relationships, better health, optimize our finances and our whole life.

Before IMG_2856[1]working with Nancy I had just ended a relationship and was not in a good space.  I was feeling very sad, mentally exhausted and very emotionally empty. Life seemed very hard and I wondered if I would ever have another fulfilling relationship. Nancy helped me reframe my value, along with removing many trapped emotions and habits that didn’t help me in my former relationships. After doing the energy work with her I started to see things differently.  I was not in such deep heartache and pain, and I could see my former partner and the situation much more clearly. I let a lot of stuff go, including some beliefs that didn’t support me.  I am moving through the grief process much more quickly and feel more optimistic about creating a more positive loving relationship with a partner. Rachel Loeslie, Realtor, Wellness Consultant

brain half open showing subconscious mind accessed by the Body Code

Our subconscious mind gives us the answers we need through the Body Code

This is possible because the cause of problems in all areas is an imbalance somewhere in our energy field. The Body Code Healing System allows us to find and remove these imbalances. We do this by working with the subconscious mind. It has all the answers we need. The subconscious mind is like a computer hard drive containing all the information about our body. It knows exactly what we need to do in order to get well and to be happy, even though we consciously have no idea what this might be!

When working with the subconscious mind, we use muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to get answers. Our subconscious mind knows the difference between “Yes” and “No”, or the truth and a lie. When we ask a question about our body, an automatic electrical response occurs in the body’s muscles. The same electrical responses, or involuntary responses that are used in lie detectors, can also be shown in either a strong or weak muscle response. Strength indicates truth, a “yes” answer or positivity.

 MMGreenStraightOn250[1]“Working with Nancy has been amazing. I had developed several health challenges and was in lots of pain from a supremely busy work schedule. I feared my “golden years”.  She immediately produced relief of my sinus and arthritic issues and greatly reduced my fatigue. She provided specific strategies and motivation to change habits of many years. Nancy quickly responds, and provides clear direction to solve the problem. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a gentle and extremely knowledgeable guide to help them take charge of their health and well-being. She is truly awesome and I am grateful to have her on my side.”  Marilyn McGuire, President & CEO, Management Methodologies

Just as we must know what we are searching for on a computer, we also must know how to search our subconscious mind.  The Body Code is design to identify exactly what to look for to find and remove these imbalances, based on our objective. Removing the imbalances is permanent. It then allows the body to heal itself. It does not mean however that future lifestyle choices will not create more imbalances, or that all of our imbalances are removed in one session!

Having worked with Nancy Clairmont Carr successfully a few times before, FB_IMG_1469330822416[1]I decided to specifically work on improving my financial abundance levels and decrease my ‘lack’ energy. Being in network marketing for 7 years, I was burnt out and feeling lost and stuck for about 6 months.  After my session with Nancy I booked 4 events the first month,  2 additional large expos the next, and attracted a business partner I was seeking!  It was like my creative brain worked again! I recommend Nancy for moving forward in your business and in life!” Michelle Bekkala,  Young Living Essential Oils

What is truly exciting about this work is that we learn exactly what caused the problems. When I use the Body Code with my clients I incorporate health coaching so they have a comprehensive follow up plan to maintain a balanced body and energy field, and overall well-being.  That is the holy grail, is it not? That is why we can release the pain and imbalances we no longer want to tolerate and create the exact life we desire.

baby showing that joy and abundance are possible with the body code

Joy, abundance and total health are possible with the Body Code

So what pain are you tolerating?  And what is it costing you? Your health? Your relationships?  Your finances? Perhaps your freedom. Certainly joy!

If you are ready to improve your life, let’s talk. I’m the transformation guide you need to remove your pain, limiting beliefs and success blocks to create the life you desire!

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