Higher Consciousness: Disconnection from the Collective Shadow (R) and Cellular Activation (R)

Higher Consciousness

Disconnection from the Collective Shadow and Cellular Activation are two healing systems developed and taught by Maureen Higgins. They help us achieve a higher consciousness.

picture of stars and healing energy coming from the sky supporting us becoming our divine self

These healing systems help create a higher consciousness.

“The goal of these healing processes is knowing we are Diving Beings having a human experience.  This deep knowing becomes a part of us so that love, well-being and compassion become a part of our regular experience.

Disconnection from the Collective Shadow (R) 

Disconnection from the Collective Shadow is a multi-step process that can be used alone or in conjunction with Cellular Activation. This process assists us in energetically disconnecting from the collective grid or matrix (the energy field that connects us to everybody and everything) that is anchored in collective problems and duality, so we can be a part of a unity matrix.This process allows for deep changes in beliefs and behaviors.  A feeling of lightness and change is felt within the body. 

pictures depicts 8 hands holding the planet together to support moving to a higher consciousness.

Operating at a higher consciousness allows us to make better decisions for the planet.

Cellular Activation (R)

Cellular Activation is a three phase process . The first phase restructures our etheric body (the energy field that is the blueprint of our mind, emotions and body) in such a way that it creates a deep release of our unneeded past experiences and emotions and brings in a feeling of  “lightness”.  The second phase restructures our aura/auric grid so we create a structure for energies of mastery and protection that are aligned with our Higher Self or Divine Self.   This assists us in attracting higher level experiences which allows us to co-create a present and future aligned with our highest, most divine life purpose.

picture depicting 2 hands holding a chakra system structured for higher consciousness.

Our higher consciousness helps us live our divine life purpose.

The third phase brings in four distinct energies of mastery that change the way we feel about ourselves, our lives, and the planet.”

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