The Emotion Code (™)

The Emotion Code -An Emotional Release Program

This healing system was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to help us permanently release trapped emotions.  This is the cause of over 90% of our physical pain, and one of the biggest causes of dis-ease and self sabotage.  Intense emotionally charged events register in our body as stuck emotions .  They come in the form of shock, panic, grief and sadness, to name a few. These trapped emotions keep us stuck in a limiting lifestyle, causing pain, self-sabotage, emotional problems and many types of malfunction and disease.  The Emotion Code is an effective technique to completely release these negative emotions.

picture of a man shouting through megaphone creating stress and trapped emotions which the emotion code can release.

Stressful situations, verbal and other abuse all create stuck emotions which the Emotion Code can release.

To understand how The Emotion Code works,  Dr. Nelson  explains that having trapped emotions creates distortion in our energy field. These trapped emotions can be lodged anywhere in our body.  As long as they remain, they attract additional negative energy causing both physical and emotional negative effects. Releasing trapped emotions helps restore balance to the body so your body’s natural healing ability will return.

The Emotion Code healing system is interactive.  The practitioner uses a form of muscle testing (kinesiology) on the client to identify which emotion is trapped and then through questioning the client’s subconscious computer system, identifies enough detail that the body will allow the trapped emotion to be released.  Using intention and magnets, each emotion is removed one at a time and is permanently released.  Even removing a few trapped emotions with The Emotion Code can change a physical or emotional pain immediately.  Removing many trapped emotions can create more abundance in all areas of your life-financial, health, relationships and overall more happiness and joy.

This work can target a specific issue, physical and emotional pain, or patterns that persist. Some of the various physical health challenges that the Emotion Code has helped include anxiety, carpal tunnel, headaches, knee pain, PTSD, hormonal problems, morning sickness and many, many more.

The most powerful use of the Emotion Code is in removing a heart wall. This is a literal wall around the heart made of multiple layers of trapped emotional energy.  The heart wall is created by the subconscious to protect us from serious emotional injury.  While it does its job extremely well, a heart wall also causes difficulty in giving and receiving love, recovering from loss,  feeling connected and fulfilled.  Removing heart walls create increased energy flow for love, happiness and abundance of all kinds.

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