An Accelerated Goal Achievement Masterclass 
with Nancy Clairmont Carr, Transformation Expert

Conscious Creation Accelerator Masterclass

cca model conscious leadership

Discover how to create optimal consistent goal achievement  through 
Conscious Leadership!

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Thursday March 26, 7pm EST

      Limited to the first 100 people!

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What You will Learn in this Masterclass

  • A new framework for creating the business, lifestyle and impact you desire
  • Proven strategies to grow your business and transform your life
  • Practices that remove limiting beliefs and optimize mindset 
  • How your intuition provides optimal, just-in-time solutions
  • Why this process provides joy, abundance and freedom
  • Optimized, aligned energy states creates sustainable high performance  
  • To remove resistance, obstacles and stuck points to goal achievement

About Nancy Clairmont Carr, MBA

ncc high performance

Nancy Clairmont Carr is a transformation strategist, speaker, #1 bestselling author, coach, thought leader and energy practitioner. She helps leaders and influencers grow their business, life, and impact through conscious leadership. She is known for intuitively guiding achievers to joy, abundance and freedom, creating the life they desire with increased flow.​

As a former business executive, Nancy helps leaders reach consistent double-digit growth through optimized strategy, beliefs and high-performance habits. She shifts clients to higher brain thinking and creates access to optimal solutions, decision making and creativity.​

Nancy is praised for “her unique and effective approach... When Nancy recommends something-just do it- it works!... She moves people forward further and faster than any other coach”. She supports her clients’ transformation through one-on-one, group and on-line coaching, speaking, retreats and workshops.

Nancy developed unique body, mind and emotional wellness models for sustained high performance through her health coaching and integrates them into her business coaching practice. As a certified energy coach, she transforms consciousness and optimizes goal achievement through brain re-patterning, removing fears, limiting beliefs and negative habits and patterns. This results in her clients having the freedom and energy to live their desired lifestyle. 

As a thought-leader and conscious leadership expert, Nancy provides inspirational speaking, training and coaching to small and large businesses, associations and industry organizations. You can learn more about her programs at

Client Results:

Angela Alvig

CPA, Family Office Services

“My revenue doubled in 4 months, grew 47% the next year and 63% the 3rd year from working with Nancy and applying what she taught me. Her coaching has helped me become a more conscious leader and live a life of intention and purpose. Working with Nancy has truly transformed the way I approach life, and I can see and feel the difference! Nancy's coaching programs are worth every penny and then some!”

Alan Wallner

“Nancy and have been instrumental in changing my life and my business for the better. I know that how you are on the inside is reflected in your external environment. Yet, I did not quite understand how mind, body and spirit all work together. Nancy has provided invaluable insight and tools to help me make my higher consciousness better aligned in my business, life and health. For this I am truly grateful. I have the energy I need (without coffee or energy drinks), I am healthy, I understand how to leverage intentions for my business and in my life and how energy works in and around me. If you are a business owner looking to remove limiting beliefs and live a joyful, happy and fulfilling life, Nancy can help guide you to getting on the right road and a map for the future. “

Sarah Becker

“I recently started a business and was feeling stuck defining my offerings and sales process. Nancy helped increase my confidence and get unstuck. She also helped me release limiting money beliefs, which helped me attract my first big client. She brought me so far in a very short time, both personally and professionally, further than many business coaches! She is simply an amazing person. ”

J.C. Wealth Advisor

“I worked with Nancy to help re-set my business goals. I have a financial practice that brings in $1,500,000 in annual revenue. We removed a block I had of reaching out to higher level prospects and I am on track to increase my net revenue by 20%. Nancy has demonstrated that she is able to work with people at any level and help them to achieve their goals. She goes beyond traditional business coaching and makes a difference in the lives of her clients!”

Shayden Sudnasky

Real Estate Investor

"Nancy is one hell of a coach! She has helped me transform so many areas of my life such as: developing intuition, aligning my mental, emotional and physical health, creating optimal outcomes that align with my goal of creating a life of holistic success for myself and my businesses. I'll always continue to recommend Nancy to my friends and business associates - you’ll get a great ROI with her programs.”

cca model conscious leadership

Discover how to create optimal consistent
goal achievement through
Conscious Leadership!

Join us on this
Free Live Masterclass!
Thursday March 26, 7pm EST

       Limited to the first 100 People!

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