Great Sleep…The Holy Grail of Health

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Great sleep is the holy grail of health!

Great sleep is the key

We do a lot to get healthy. We work out, adjust our diets, try to stay hydrated and more. We run fast and live such scheduled lives however, that stress runs high.  In trying to fit it all in, we steal from our nights. This compounds our stress and compromises our health. The one thing we need most to maintain our health is great sleep- the holy grail of health!

Getting enough quality sleep is the single most important indicator of longevity.  Sleep scientist and the world’s top sleep expert Dr. William C Dement of Stanford University has proven it. He has been studying sleep for over 60 years.  The bottom line is as adults we need 8 hours of great sleep every night.

We heal while sleep. Every single cell. Shorting the sleep process even one night negatively affects our brain and body. Matthew Walker, professor of neuroscience and psychology at University of CA, Berkeley describes the damages from sleep deprivation. Wakefulness causes low level brain damage, alzheimer protein builds up and creating new memories is not possible. Physical health damages occur also. Cardiovascular risks of fatal heart attack increase over 200%.  Cancer of the prostate, bowels and breast increases. Virility decreases about 10 years, immunity is lowered, and more.  Our body performs multiple functions during sleep. Our brain requires great sleep too since it works harder at night than during the day.  Our sleep cycles take over 7.5 hours to complete.

Solutions for sleep

So how do we get enough sleep? There are many things we can do to increase our quality and quantity of sleep.  We can wind down at least 1 hour before bed without the use of technology. Or go to bed consistently at the same time.  Insuring your eyes get enough daytime exposure to the sun or a full spectrum light bulb for melatonin production is also required for great sleep.

get great sleep with the naturest sleep system

The Naturest Sleep system provides great sleep!

Have you have tried everything and still haven’t found the holy grail of health? Then consider using the Naturest Sleep system from Nikken. They are a global research and development company that make active wellness products. The Naturest Sleep System promotes relaxation and creates energy by reconnecting us with nature.  Specifically, it uses science to replicate the energies of the earth, sun and air. It reduce stress, calms the body and creates the perfect sleep temperature. It also increases energy flow and helps the body remain in the necessary sleep cycles until it’s time to wake up. It supports everything the body needs to get great sleep. You wake up with full energy, clear thinking and emotions in tact.

Over the last 18 years, I have helped many people achieve profound sleep and health improvements. All with the Nikken Sleep System. In the last month alone, these are some of the results I have witnessed.

  • Mary suffered 35 years of sleep deprivation waking up throughout the night. She was able to sleep through the night within a week using the Naturest Sleep System and is now experiencing great sleep, more energy and vitality.
  • Avery is severely stressed working full time and going to school full time at night and feels achy constantly.  She woke up the first morning with the Naturest Sleep System and said she wasn’t sore like she usually is when she awakens. She also has more energy to support her long day.
  • Three year old Billy delayed sleep as long as possible each nap and night. With his “magic pillow”, he is now sleeping deeply and is calmer and more cooperative and loving during the day.
  • Dave normally makes loud breathing noises at night causing his wife to lose sleep too. With the Nikken sleep products he no longer makes those noises. They now both have more productive energy throughout the day.

Ready to amp up your energy and health?

Great sleep is the ultimate stress reducer and health vitalizer.  By choosing the gift of consistent, rejuvenating sleep we maximize our health and productivity during every waking moment. Think what you could do in those extra moments with clear, calm thinking and an energized body!

For a free consult, email me or call 612.385.3220.  I can help you regain health, more productive time and maximized energy!

To your optimized life,

Nancy Clairmont Carr
Holistic Transformation Coach
Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant






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