Do you want consistent high-performance and outcomes for your teams?
Provide this transformative program
to your group to deliver
  • Strategies for sustainable high performance and growth
  • Templates to access intuition for optimal decision making
  • Optimization and alignment of physical, mental, emotional states

High Performance Strategies for Conscious Leaders and Influencers

Thought leaders need strategies to support optimal growth with least effort for work and life.  Like Katrina, who grew sales over 20% annually while decreasing work time 20%. Or Angela, whose business doubled through high performance, high profit strategies, while creating more time for additional priorities in her life.

Incorporating these strategies into your practices accelerates growth and intuition, which supports increasing consciousness. This aligns with integrating a purpose driven vision into your business and life. 

    This retreat is for achievers who want to:
  • Create powerful outcomes with the least effort 
  • Influence their environment and teams with high vibrational energy
  • Leverage higher consciousness for optimal business, life, impact

The agenda is designed to take you through the key strategies that increase consciousness in all areas and help to integrate them in your business and life.  The information and lessons are communicated optimally through lecture, experiences and integrative exercises. You will have access to the instructors for any additional questions during breaks, meals and before and after the sessions.

To support optimal physical, mental and emotional energy, a personal health/nutrition assessment will be provided to each attendee and discussed at the retreat.  It will measure these areas using applied kinesiology

  • Levels of key nutrients in the body, identifying those below the recommended levels
  • Nutritional strategies for missing nutrients that are an fit optimal for the individual 
  • The functioning level of organs, glands and systems below 80%, and how to optimize them
  • State of balance of the seven key energy centers

  • The retreat will be held in a holistic environment that supports the teachings of the retreat

    Instructor Bio
    nancy accelerated transformation

    Nancy Clairmont Carr, business strategist, #1 bestselling author, speaker and energy practitioner, empowers leaders and influencers to transform through

    higher consciousness. By providing conscious strategies, optimizing mindset and energy fields, Nancy accelerates business growth and personal transformation. Her strategies and intuitive guidance produce optimal results with least effort.


    Nancy’s career includes business leadership in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors. With her experience, an MBA and healing certifications, she founded “The Joy-Effect”, a coaching business for achievers to create consistent high performance and conscious business and lifestyles.

    Speakers and Topics for the Retreat
    Nancy Clairmont Carr- Strategies for Increasing Consciousness and Sustainable High Performance .

    Julie Shide - Financial expert focused on helping individuals build and preserve wealth. Julie will be teaching Financial Strategies Promoting Conscious Living.

    Catherine Liska - Body/Mind expert focused on teaching individuals how to optimize physical and mental energy. Catherine will be teaching Body Mind Intelligence.

    Retreat Center- TBD

    To Host This Retreat for Your Leadership Group

    • For further information on how this can support your business' conscious leadership objectives call Nancy Clairmont Carr at 612.385.3220 or email her at with "retreat" in the subject line, and include your phone number and a good time to connect. 

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