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Published on September 10, 2018
by Nancy Clairmont Carr
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Higher Consciousness:

The Holy Grail of Optimal Solutions

We all take in lots of data regularly through multiple media channels. It doesn’t seem to matter what industry is in the news, recently I have observed increased commentary on the importance of the body, mind, spirit connection, and its role in finding optimal solutions to problems. More specifically I am noticing the realization by experts in both business and health that higher consciousness and intuition is an important factor for more creative problem solving. This is a departure from the tradition of using only objective data for solutions.
Today I heard a great podcast on www.entreleadership.com with Mark Devine, a former Navy Seal commander. He spoke of mental toughness, emotional resilience, and an uncanny ability to perform under pressure as the key to success in the military and in business. Then I listened to another podcast by a functional medical doctor, Dr. Vincent Pedre, on the Broken Brain podcast series on www.drhyman.com . Both experts discussed the importance of using meditation, mindfulness and other energy medicine strategies. These strategies create a higher consciousness which provides access to parts of their brain they wouldn’t normally be able to tap into for problem solving. It ultimately allows themselves and their students and patients, respectively, to contribute at a much higher level.
I have used energy medicine strategies and tools to align my body mind spirit connection for the last 20 years. It’s also the foundation of my coaching work. It has helped my clients grow their businesses more profitably, with less effort and time. Aligning physical, mental and emotional energy fields develops higher consciousness, or a higher brain. This allows us to access, trust and use our intuition more effectively. By using our intuition, we obtain solutions our lower brain would never give us. It can only draw from the past. Combining what we already know with our intuitive insights will give more optimal solutions every time.
Whether looking for split-second solutions on the battlefield,  a health solution or trying to grow a business more profitably and efficiently, developing a higher consciousness supports the body, mind and spirit connection and provides the most optimal solutions to problems.
Contact me for a Free 20-minute consult to learn more about developing higher consciousness to grow your life and business more effortlessly.
To your optimal solutions,
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Nancy Clairmont Carr
Transformation Coach
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