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Published on November 9, 2015
by Nancy Clairmont Carr
Categories - Health Coaching
picture of man suffering from insomnia
Insomnia can be cured!

Living with insomnia my entire college life and the first 15 years of my career has made me keenly aware of how it robs one’s quality of life. I have discovered the cure and no longer allow outside pressures and other people’s choices to bring about a cycle of sleeplessness for me.

I actually left my corporate marketing career voluntarily to create more balance in my life and figure out the insomnia thing, along with addressing a few other lifestyle choices that caused undue stress in my life.  It has been a life-altering journey.

After much reflection, several lifestyle choice changes and many courses, I turned my insomnia-free life and passion for wellness into a business 16 years ago. I can spot stress and sleeplessness in others within a nanosecond. You recognize it too.  The short temper, quick judgment, bags under the eyes, never enough time and no energy are all key signs that not much mindfulness is being practiced, and certainly not much sleep. The thing is, it is so easy to incorporate small changes that can create an intentional, stress-reduced life.  Even if you own your own business or have a big corporate job.

What it takes is a decision to not live that way anymore, to create a plan and make some changes. It doesn’t mean you have to give up your job necessarily, or change everything.  It does mean, however, that you will need to approach what you do differently. Setting clear intentions, creating boundaries, incorporating self-care practices, and valuing yourself enough to take charge of your health are absolutely required. Thinking that doctors alone will take care of you, or anyone else for that matter, no longer serves you. Taking personal responsibility for your health and life can be pretty exhilarating.  Very empowering. And can certainly cure insomnia.

There are manyPicture of nancy Clairmont carr , author of article on insomnia people whose entire focus is helping others create a more vibrant, energetic lifestyle.  Take advantage of the growth of the wellness industry and all it has to offer to create more balance in your life and yes, even better sleep. For some small-changes, big-results ideas, let’s talk.

Nancy Clairmont Carr
Holistic Health and Transformational Guide
612.385.3220; www.TheJoy-Effect.com

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