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high performance strategy of inution grows business and life more effortlessly
Published on September 23, 2019
by Nancy Clairmont Carr

high performance strategy of inution grows business and life more effortlessly

Optimal High Performance Strategy

Intuition as a high performance strategy is not a traditional one. The more common approach has been to focus on the right mindset, habits and hard work. While these practices support high performance, they do not optimize it, sustain it, or support the whole person.

Having access to, trusting and acting on our intuition provides the most creative solutions possible. Intuition connects us with a higher intelligence that provides “just in time” optimal solutions, helps grow our business more quickly and creates maximum impact.

I experienced this indirectly. For many years I followed the traditional high performance strategy. This provided knowledge, developed great habits and a financially successful career. However I had a core belief of not relaxing until the work is done, and developed a life-long sleep issue and suffered illness along the way. As we know, the work is never done!

New State of Mind

In removing my key stressors and non-supportive beliefs, I discovered there is a state of mind consistent with high performance. It is a higher consciousness vibration, where mental, emotional and physical energy is aligned and gives access to your intuition. When developed fully, it also provides joy, abundance and freedom.

You can develop higher consciousness to have continuous access to your intuitive gifts. You don’t have to rely on old, outdated information from your brain for optimizing your work and life. You know you are using intuitive information consistently when your life flows.  When information comes from your brain alone, you experience resistance.

Intuition as a high performance strategy helps optimize my impact, and supports business growth more effortlessly and quickly, which provides time for other areas of my life. I feel like I found the holy grail of work/life balance while continually optimizing my growth and expansion.

Using this strategy has changed my life and I’m committed to helping others discover it. Life is surely too short to work so hard, skip the vacations, and not develop the interests that make us human. Create a business or career that supports a whole lifestyle of joy, abundance and freedom.

Join us

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To your high performance life,

Nancy Clairmont Carr
Where Achievers Grow

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