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Is Permanent Prosperity Possible?

You have just achieved your biggest financial goal ever! You are feeling a sense of accomplishment. Now you ask, how do I create prosperity consistently?
The idea of creating permanent prosperity eludes you. You feel like you can make certain things happen with a lot of hard work and focused attention. You may have even learned how to align your thoughts to attract what you want on many occasions. But you don’t believe abundance is permanent or effortless.
“Am I worth it? Do I deserve financial success? I have to work hard to achieve prosperity!” you tell yourself.

Two Approaches to Create Prosperity

One is temporary and is built on many limiting beliefs and fears. That you must earn it or be worthy of it; that you must do unlimited hard work to create it; that prosperity stops when your effort stops. This strategy is based on a scarcity or lack mentality.
The second strategy transforms physical, mental and emotional states permanently. It upgrades thinking to provide real-time optimal solutions in the moment. Your fears and limiting beliefs are eliminated. This strategy creates a faster, more effortless process.
Hmm. Which one do you want? Developing a higher consciousness is the strategy required to create permanent prosperity. It increases your intuition and connects you to a higher intelligence 24/7. It reduces stress and resistance to change. It helps you develop infinite joy, confidence and freedom.  Creating a higher consciousness optimizes your path and everything on it. Always.

Commit to Developing Higher Consciousness

Prosperity is an energy that you create. It can be permanent. The effort it takes to create higher consciousness to drive prosperity naturally and consistently is minimal relative to not doing it and living without joy, abundance and freedom. Commit to learning how.
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For more info on how Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Profitability, listen to this podcast, where I am being interviewed by Alex Morrall, founder of the Twin Cities Wellness Collective, (podcast #50). To learn more about and subscribe to the TCWC click here. Learn more about Alex Morrall here.

Creating permanent prosperity is possible,  and it is in your highest good!

Be Joy!
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