Published on December 13, 2016
by Nancy Clairmont Carr
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couple healed from emotional trauma
Freedom from emotional trauma is possible.

Do you remember a time when you had the carpet pulled out from under you from divorce, a death, job loss, betrayal or some other emotional trauma?  Did you ever completely remove your fear, debilitating feelings and negative emotions from it?

Most of us don’t ever fully move beyond the negative energy associated with emotional trauma. We bury it, become victims of it, sometimes get therapy for it, develop some limiting beliefs around it and maybe grow from it. But mostly, time erases the external effects, and we develop coping skills for the permanent newly trapped emotions.

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Set Yourself Free

Being imprisoned by these feelings doesn’t have to be permanent. In fact freedom and forward movement can happen more quickly than you may realize.  If you have experienced divorce or other emotional trauma at any point in your life, releasing the negative energy around it can be done effectively with energy healing. Removing your negative emotions buried deep within can be the difference between permanent self-doubt or creating a stronger, more authentic self and positive future.

If divorce is new to you and you want help with the process and its gripping emotional trauma, come to our FREE January 24th workshop on Navigating the Pitfalls of Divorce.  My colleague Courtney Schneider, Family Law Attorney with Martin Law, and I will help you understand the process, act with confidence and learn how you can release the fear and paralysis associated with one of life’s most challenging situations.  Register confidentially for the January 24th workshop at Also, send this information to a friend in need whose life you would like to positively impact.

If emotional trauma is somewhere in your past, but you are still trying to deal with the after-effects, act now. I can help you clear your fears, set you free and create joy, freedom and abundance throughout your life.  Contact me at or visit my website

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