flowing through life when we surrender
Published on February 22, 2019
by Dean Hall

What does it take to live in the zone? Is it worth the work? If you like to feel joy, abundance and freedom to create the life you desire, then yes, it is.

Living in the zone is about creating higher consciousness on a permanent level. Not just tapping into it for moments of bliss. But transforming into this energy state permanently in a way that creates confidence, creativity and excitement for life. It’s about shining a light on others so brightly they want to be around you and feel your energy.

Moving into higher consciousness and living in the zone is creates permanent transformation where there is no end game. Your life continues to rise to an increasing level of vibration and optimal expression. It changes the lens through which you are viewing yourself, others around you and the world. It reveals opportunity that you didn’t recognize before, even though it was always present. And it gives you access to infinite intelligence and optimal solutions.

My first awareness of how I had transformed was when my father said to me at one of my home visits, “Nancy, you have gotten so nice!  What did you do?” (Hmm, was that a compliment?)  While I knew it was from releasing the need to control everything in my life, I replied that I don’t react as much to other’s expectation of me.

I found a way to release the fears, unsupportive beliefs and stuck energy.  It is amazing the lifestyle you can create when you are aligned and in the zone.

My clients know they have reached a higher level of consciousness and are in the zone when they grow their business with increased profits consistently. When solutions show up effortlessly. When they feel the energy shift and see their teams respond accordingly.

You get to choose how you feel and the lens through which you see life and opportunity. Will it be a cloudy and scratched lens, or one that gives you 20/20 vision? Living in the zone provides an effortless, perfect view every time.

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Nancy Clairmont Carr is a Transformation Coach working with business owners who want to double sales profitably. She uses Energy Coaching to help her clients develop Higher Consciousness. Get her #1 Bestselling book “Business Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner, Vol II” and read about “Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Profitability”at amazon.com . 

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Nancy Clairmont Carr
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