Flexible Home Based Business

Would you like to design your day just the way you like it?  Are you passionate about creating freedom in all areas of your life?  If you are not able to set your schedule to create your perfect day, then we should talk! You can learn more at Nikken.com/na/NancyClairmontCarr or by emailing me .

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The “Healthy Finances” pillar is an important part of the balance in Nikken’s 5 Pillars of Health.  If you are trading your time for a job with little flexibility, not quite enough money and no time to get the rest of life done, you may be feeling pretty stressed.  Consider building a flexible home based business. This can create the time and financial freedom you need to structure your day and life exactly as you desire.

Is this for you?

Nikken’s flexible home based business offers opportunity for individuals who are passionate about living life on their terms, with a vision of total freedom.  The Nikken business provides opportunity to work as a team to develop your financial pillar exactly as you wish.  We are building teams with people who have a burning desire to make a difference for  themselves and others.

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How does it work?

Our business is based on sharing Nikken’s wellness technology products and flexible home based business benefits with those that are looking for change or a pathway to create a balanced lifestyle. When individuals express interest in knowing more about how this could work for them, we take them through an information process to answer all their questions.  If it feels right for them, we set them up for success with proven mentored training and support programs to ensure their goals are met.

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Age, location, background and experience do not determine success in our business. An appetite to be, do or have something more in your life and a desire and commitment to your success is all that is required. We help you do the rest.  Nikken has been positively changing lives for over 40 years and continues to lead the industry with innovative technology wellness products and an unlimited financial return for those who want to be a part of a worthy cause that is bigger than themselves. The era of total freedom and balance is here. Now. For you.

Social Marketing

Nikken’s flexible home based business is part of a dynamic growth trend in the Network Marketing or Social Marketing industry.  Because of the opportunity to develop multiple streams of income that provide ongoing residuals, this business model has been hugely successful.

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Many Benefits- Low Risk

Nikken’s low start up investment, built in leadership training, minimal risk, opportunity for personal development and ability to build on a part time basis combine to provide a chance for an ordinary person to create an extraordinary life.  When you add the Nikken wellness technology products and their philosophy of Balance through the 5 Pillars of Health into this model, it creates a powerful flexible home based business opportunity.

If you are ready to take a look at a career that will allow you to create your future exactly as you want it to be, please contact me and we can help you discover a new way of life.

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