picture showing Nikken products a part of the healthy body, part of the 5 pillars of health for life balance

Nikken Product Client Testimonials

These product testimonials express how each person experienced the Nikken product offerings.  The Nikken products address the Healthy Body pillar, part of Nikken’s 5 Pillars of Health philosophy and Humans Being More purpose.  I am so grateful to include my role as an independent wellness consultant in my offerings and have the Nikken products available for my clients’ overall health and wellness improvement when needed. As Nikken introduces new technology products into the Wellness Home each year, my health and that of my clients improves exponentially. The Nikken products, with multiple nature based technologies, work synergistically to relax the body, reduce stress and increase overall energy. For product information click here, or email me.

picture of Nikken product Bergisterol that lowers cholesterol, blood sugar and triglcerides

Nikken Product Line- Full Wellness Home

I am a great fan of the health-enhancing Nikken product line.  My family and I are grateful to be able to breathe clean air, drink pure water and enjoy a good night’s sleep thanks to the Nikken Product Wellness Home concept Nancy introduced to us.  The nutrition products, including the new cholesterol-lowering Bergisterol, are uniformly convenient and delicious. I am especially pleased with the Nikken product Kenzen Vital Balance Meal Replacement/Protein Shake.  Some time ago a personal trainer suggested that I use this product after workouts.  I now enjoy a quick shake whenever I don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast. It tastes much better than protein shakes I’ve tried in the past; it is a real meal replacement, is easy to digest and keeps me energized until lunch time. Nancy, thanks for continuing to deliver quality health-giving Nikken products along with fantastic service-always with a smile. David J Guyot, C.O.O.  www.absmn.com , Shorewood, MN

I have been using many of the Nikken products over the years and have full confidence in their quality in every way. I have appreciated several in particular. I have used True Elements Marine Organic Skincare for a number of years and have found it to be the exact right consistency for under my makeup.  It creates a perfect hydrating moisture barrier that remains all day long.  Once I put it on, then follow it with my makeup base, it keeps my skin feeling the right consistency and remains perfect the rest of the day and evening.  Another Nikken product my husband and I use is the complete Nikken Sleep System for our King sized bed.  It offers improved quality of sleep and helps us to feel great in the morning. My husband enjoys the pillow with the full amount of filling.

A picture of the nikken product dream comforter is part of a total Nikken naturest sleep system and is amazing.

Whenever I have a particular ache I use the Nikken MagDuo to relax me and remove the discomfort.  I remember the first time I was introduced to the magnetic technology concept.  I was sitting all day in a seminar and found my back feeling sore and achy. Nancy rubbed my back with the MagDuo and it instantly made my back feel better.  I was thrilled! I have also used the PowerMini’s many times on small areas of my skin where I have had a minor skin abrasion or underlying trauma and found that it, too, facilitated healing more rapidly.  Finally, I have been using the Pimag Water System for many years.  The water tastes delicious and it contains the right balance of filtration and nutrients. This Nikken product has been a staple of our home. Julie Shide, Boca Raton, Florida.

picture of Nikken' Naturest Sleep System for stress reduction and regenerative sleep

Naturest Sleep System

My Husband and I borrowed the Nikken sleep system from the Nikken product line from Nancy. The first few days we already had felt changes in our back muscles and an overall calmness in our bodies. After two weeks on the sleep system I noticed that the Dupuytren’s contractors in both my hands were becoming smaller. I purchased the sleep system because of this change. You see, for 25 years I have been embarrassed about the complications and side effects that come with type 1 (Insulin dependent) diabetes, gluten and dairy allergies. I see the changes in my hands today as an outward sign of how the sleep system from the Nikken product line is promoting my body to heal on the cellular level.  L. R., Massage Therapist, Excelsior, MN

picture of Nikken product Kenzen Ten4 healthy energy drink for taste, energy and laser focus

Kenzen Ten4 Healthy Energy Drink

I would like to share my experience with the Nikken product Ten 4 Healthy Energy Drink. My husband and I travel a lot by car , and the worst thing I have to do is keep him awake to drive.  I could drive but it always seems like we are tired at the same time.  Then a mutual friend of Nancy and mine gave a testimonial for the Nikken Product Ten 4 Healthy Energy drink.  For the next trip, I gave it a try!  It lasts about 6 hours and has no side effects whatsoever!   Now whenever we travel, we will not leave home without it! Shelley Jaax, Senior Loan Officer, www.summit-mortgage.com 

I was in a training meeting recently for several days and they can get very long.  It can be hard to stay awake and take it all in, but I used the Nikken product Kenzen Ten 4 Healthy Energy Drink.  Keeping my concentration and staying awake was no problem at all! I highly recommend it!”  Angie PItzl, Style consultant, JHilburn Men’s Clothing, Angiepitzl.jhilburn.com

picture of Nikken product Pimag Waterfall system for stress reduction and energy creation

PiMag Water System

I have been using several Nikken products for about 7 years and love them all.  I especially love my Pimag Waterfall. Drinking good, healthy water is very important to me. I would hate drinking tap water with all the heavy metals, chemicals and fluoride in it… and don’t like to drink in plastic bottles. That is why I got a waterfall from the Nikken product line. I enjoy pure, healthy water at home. It really makes a difference, quenches my thirst and energizes my body. I am also a fan of my magnetic insoles.  It is one of my favorite Nikken products.  As an event planner I spend a lot of time standing on my feet. When I wear my insoles my legs don’t get sore and my back doesn’t hurt! Aurelie Spirito, Event Planner, www.lilabuffetstyling.com

KVB chocolate and vanilla

Kenzen Nutritionals

Over the last three years I have worked hard to live a healthier lifestyle. I lost some weight a few years ago and have had good luck keeping it off. There are three ways I have done that.  First I have been using the Nikken product Mens Mega Daily 4 Multivitamin/Mineral. When I take the men’s multivitamin I just feel better inside and out. Second I have been using the Nikken product Kenzen Vital Balance Meal Replacement/Protein Shake. I use it in two ways, as a breakfast meal replacement and as a post workout drink.  I find it is much better than a regular workout drink. It doesn’t leave me feeling like I have a full gut like the others did.  Last and most importantly I have been using the Nikken product Ten4 Healthy Energy drink.  I use it two ways.  I will take it at about 1:30-2pm when I have a long day at the office.  I feel much better than I used to for my 4 and 5pm meetings.  In the past I just felt tired!  Last and most importantly, I will take a Ten4 drink when I am going out with my wife.  We both take it just when the babysitter is getting here. We have energy for dinner and can stay up as late as we want. I don’t have an energy crash at the end of the night.   Jeff Coplan, Financial Advisor, www.integritywealth.com

DUKTape black and beige

Kenkotherm DUK Tape

I had an achy shoulder and upper arm pain.  I practice yoga regularly so this was a challenge. One night I slept “wrong” and that made movement very painful on top of the soreness I was already experiencing. I was given the Nikken DUK tape to try. When I arrived to the parking lot for my yoga class, I was so excited to see if it would help that I put in on myself while in the car. Before I had made it to the front door of the studio I felt a substantial relief from the pain. I was able to take class just like normal. I keep my roll of Nikken DUK tape in my gym bag all the time.  Maud Duggan, Interior Designer, www.unionplace.com 

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