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Published on June 27, 2016
by Nancy Clairmont Carr
Categories - Energy Healing
Chalkboard showing optmized health includes body, mind, spirit
We need to balance all areas for optimized health

So what does this mean? When we discuss health, aren’t we just talking about how our physical body feels and maybe some mental health imbalances? I think that is the norm, however that only begins to address what really drives optimized health.

Yes, all the physical health markers are important and provide a good baseline for understanding our health. To really understand how to improve it and any associated pain, we need to look at the underlying causal factors.  Everything that affects our body-mind-spirit energy system impacts our health, and everything else about our life!

We usually look at our lifestyle habits to evaluate our health- our nutrition, physical exercise, sleep, stress management and perhaps even the impact our relationships have on us. These are some of the critical factors, although not a complete list. What I have learned is that our every belief, thought, habit, food and other lifestyle choice, sleep, hydration, cleaning supply, cosmetic choice, environmental impact, color around us, as well as all past experiences affect our health. Because many of these factors are subtle and not visible to us most of the time, we don’t realize the impact they have on us. However, they work together to form our physical, financial, mental/emotional and spiritual health. Achieving optimized health is only possible when we look at all the causal factors.

Realizing that an integrated health approach is required is the first step to achieving optimized health. How do we accomplish this? We can begin by doing self–evaluation of what is not working in our life and take inventory of non-supportive beliefs and habits that keep us from our lifestyle goals. If help is needed to address the gap between where we are and where we want to be, the emerging functional medicine health approach provides many solutions. Institute for Functional Medicine > What is Functional Medicine?

Another major contributor to our imbalances is trapped emotions, which cause distortion in our energy fields.  Energy healing provides very effective tools to address these stuck emotions and rebalance the body’s total energy field. Energy medicine practices and tools help create a self- healing environment, yielding optimized health for body, mind and spirit. Traditional medicine does not tap the majority of the root cause of our health and well-being challenges, as it does not account for the synergy of our energy field and the impact each area has on  the other.

A quick example demonstrates how trapped emotions and toxins impact overall health, and normally would not be detected through allopathic or traditional medicine. A client was dealing with an ongoing cough that would not go away with normal health treatment practices. During an energy healing session we discovered several causal factors including a new virus she had acquired, toxins from the chemically treated coffee she was drinking and trapped emotions in several areas of her body. It would have been impossible to detect the trapped emotions and toxic chemicals causing distortions in her energy field, and thus complete healing would have been impossible. We recommended a non-toxic solution for the virus and cleared the trapped emotions and residual energy from the toxic, chemically treated coffee to create rapid improvement of her cough.

No matter what source of help you seek to address the gaps in your desired health and lifestyle, dealing with your total body, mind, spirit energy field is necessary to create overall balance and optimized health.

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