Published on July 12, 2016
by Nancy Clairmont Carr
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It’s about personal freedom!

I love Independence Day.  I know it was last week but let’s celebrate it for at least a month!  It represents one of my highest values- personal freedom. It means I get to follow my passion and do the work I love. It also means I get to choose with whom I work, spend time, to whom I listen, how I develop myself, contribute and to whom I answer.  We all do. What a gift.

Life doesn’t’ always serve us equally in opportunity. However, we all have a chance to remedy that and create the most out of it.  I believe in continuous personal development, taking charge of our future and doing what we can to maximize ourselves and our contribution.  That is total personal freedom. When my now 27-year old was quite a bit younger she would ask “Why do you always study self-improvement books?“  Well, because I can.  I am free to do so. Not only do I love continuous personal improvement, but I get pretty excited about seeing others do the same.  When I have an opportunity to play a small role in that growth, it reminds me why I am here and my purpose.

It has to do with serving at our highest level.  We are here to serve humanity in some way. Figuring that out takes exploration of opportunity and personal ability, and of course perseverance.  It’s the exploration of personal ability, applying it and working to improve it that actually creates opportunity.  It’s personal freedom that creates opportunity.

I used toOprah winfrey text talking about personal freedom teach high school.  What a great opportunity it was to mold individuals and support their curiosity.  The students were so eager to create their identity and prove themselves. By creating a supportive environment for them to explore their ideas, talent and ability they began their human potential expansion. The hope is that it doesn’t stop in school and that they will maintain independence of thought and passion, no matter the judgment of others. It is a life-long pursuit and one that continuously repays us in personal rewards of every kind- more joy, abundance, contribution and growth.

So in celebrating your independence this month, your personal freedom, decide how you are going to take advantage it to pursue excellence and reach your highest potential. And how you will turn that into serving at the highest level.  Because you are free to do so.

You are awesome, we appreciate you!

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