Resource Links

As a holistic health and transformational guide, I have benefitted from and recommend many life-balancing books, products, and services to support my clients’ journeys towards their highest good.

This is a short list. I will add to it over time. Please use the resource links as you wish and check back often.   Thank you.

Services;  Maureen Higgins, Energy healing services for higher consciousness;  Emily Graves, Thai massage, master Reiki services

 Books;  David R. Hawkins, M.D., PhD: Power vs. Force; Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.: Biology of Belief; Dr. Christiane Northrup: Goddesses Never Age; Sharon Lechter, CPA, CGMA: Think and Grow Rich for Women;  Steven Pressfield: the WAR of ART;  Dr. Bradley Nelson: The Emotion Code;  Mark Hyman, M.D.: The UltraMind Solution  Collection of holistic authors, speakers and holistic practitioners for personal growth and transformation