Published on May 7, 2016
by Nancy Clairmont Carr
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Image of staying the same or changing in an article on self-care vs health careSelf-Care or Health Care- What is Your Choice?

What comes to mind when you hear the words self-care?  Hopefully, strategies you can do for yourself that help you improve some aspect of your health and well-being. Now when you think of the words health care, does the image change?  Absolutely!

For me it conjures up an industry that is responsible for taking care of us, removing responsibility from us to make optimal choices for ourselves for long term health and vitality.  How is that working out? Is our health care system creating a healthier society?  Is it affordable or sustainable?  It doesn’t look like it.

With a $3.24 Trillion Health Care industry in 2015, ( ) and ranking 37th in health by the World Health Organization, it’s no secret that what the US is doing isn’t working to create healthier citizens efficiently or effectively. It’s incumbent upon us as individuals to find less expensive and more effective ways to create real health and make sure we become responsible for ourselves.

Enter self-care. I view self-care as strategies that can be used by individuals to empower them to create better health and well-being by solving problems at the root level.  Or at a minimum, strategies that create more personal balance without negative side effects.  Although self-care has been growing as an industry consistently for the last 30+ years, there is always resistance from those who benefit from society not solving the core health challenges of its citizens.  Industries abound that benefit from keeping us sick, or at least not really solving the problem, which creates dependence on products, services and institutions that fall under the current health care industry $3.24 T umbrella.

As a holistic health and transformation guide, I have been using, teaching and offering self-care strategies for over 30 years.  I love it when I find people who want to help themselves to a more vital lifestyle. It is so exciting when a person makes small or large changes to their daily habits and see immediate and significant improvements in their well-bing. You see, it really is our daily choices that change the trajectory of our future health.

If you are interested in learning some of those strategies, join us this Thursday, May 12. See information in link below. In the end, the health care industry resources are limited and rationed. Those taking responsibility for themselves through self-care will enjoy a longer and more vital life.

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