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picture of a head showing the brain at work setting intentions
Published on December 1, 2015
by Nancy Clairmont Carr
Categories - Health Coaching

picture of a head showing the brain at work setting intentionsSetting Intentions + Mindful Actions = Great Outcomes

We all have signs, signals and inner voices that help guide us, or try to.  Some of us notice and pay attention to those signs and others push them out of the way. Why should we notice them?

Good question. What difference does it make?  A big difference. You actually have the answers within you to know what is the best decision going forward in most situations.  The problem many times is not taking the time, or not getting quiet enough to listen to what your inner guidance system is telling you.  Listening to this inner voice will help you make great decisions in all areas of your life.

So how do you hear the voice or notice the signs to get your best answers? Before you can get answers you need to identify the question for which you need an answer. And this would be preceded by deciding what it is you want to do. In other words, setting intentions, or goals or expectations is your first step.  Identify exactly what you want, with as much clarity as possible.

Once setting intentions is completed, you need to pay attention to what comes your way.  It could be in the form of a person that shows up with ideas or suggestions, or the feeling you get in your gut at certain times.  It could be a book that jumps out at you in the bookstore.  Or it could even be your 6th sense kicking in with a knowing of which direction to take, who to contact, or which activity to pursue next.  Listen to this voice and act on it. Of course, you must be open to how this can work for you.  And you need to get off autopilot to take notice of these signs and signals.

How can you create more mindfulness to notice the signs? By taking a few minutes each morning and throughout the day before each new activity to set your intention and expected outcomes.  It will help you to do only those activities that support your intentions and move you towards your goals most efficiently. It also creates a stronger awareness for hearing your inner voice and noticing the signs to get the answers and support you need.

If you have not had success with intention setting, mindfulness or noticing the signs that will help you get your best answers, I can help you with this.  I help people Picture of nancy Clairmont carr , author of article on setting intentions to create great outcomesbecome more intentional and maximize their potential to create the lifestyle they want.  Call me to learn more.





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