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Transformation Through Conscious Leadership

This workshop takes small business owners, leaders and executives through conscious leadership strategies that create accelerated business transformation for themselves and their teams. 

The CCA model provides predictable and repeatable strategies to grow your business and transform your life. It includes teachings, discussion and exercises that empower leaders to optimize their beliefs, mindset and develop high performance habits. Utilizing the lessons supports them in experiencing the least resistance and optimized flow in creating desired outcomes.

Participants will learn

  • A new framework for transformation that can be used to create the business, lifestyle and impact you desire
  • Strategies to grow your business and transform your life more effortlessly
  • Practices to remove limiting beliefs, optimize mindset and develop high performance habits
  • To use intuition to make decisions with optimal just-in-time solutions
  • How to remove blocks that make achieving goals so difficult
  • A model that creates joy, abundance and freedom for all who choose it

Nancy has taken many leaders through this model with profound results in growth, mindset and habit changes. She is a transformation expert and knows exactly how to help leaders create the optimal goal and achieve it in optimal timing. Learn more about Nancy here and her clients here.

This presentation is powerful as a keynote speech, as well as a half day, or full day workshop, with deeper understanding and more developed tools and immediate application with the longer format.

To learn more about and work with Nancy with this accelerated transformation model, contact or call 612.385.3220. Nancy will customize the workshop to meet your needs.

earth with sunrise for high Performance strategies for conscious leaders and influencers

CCA Retreat 

High Performance Strategies for Conscious Leaders  

This multi-day retreat provides an in-depth experience of the Conscious Creation Accelerator Model teachings.   

This is a transformative program that delivers

  • Leadership Strategies for sustainable high performance and growth
  • Experiential Learning delivering mindset breakthroughs and higher consciousness,  
  • Templates to develop higher brain thinking for optimal decision making
  • Alignment of physical, mental, emotional energy

Leaders need strategies that support optimal growth with least resistance in work and life. Like Katrina, who grew sales almost 20% annually while decreasing work time 20%. Or Angela, whose business doubled through high performance, high profit strategies, while creating more time for additional priorities in her life.

Incorporating these strategies accelerates growth, develops optimal mindset and high performance habits, which develops conscious leadership cultures. This aligns the integration of a purpose driven vision into your business and life. 

This retreat is for leaders- executives, business owners, and other professionals- who want to

  • Create powerful, optimal outcomes with less resistance and increased flow
  • Influence tribes and teams with high vibrational energy
  • Leverage work to create more time


 Nancy Clairmont Carr: Transformation expert focused on developing conscious leadership in leaders to optimize their business and life. Nancy will be teaching the Conscious Creation Accelerator Model and Strategies for Increasing Consciousness, High Performance and Increased Growth. 

Guest SpeakersAdditional guest speakers will address body mind intelligence strategies to optimize physical, mental, and emotional energy.

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