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CCA for individual coaching or workshops

Individual Coaching Program

 Transformation Through Conscious Leadership

This personalized individual energy coaching program is designed for achievers to transform their business and life through higher consciousness.

It is a comprehensive model ideal for individuals who want to move forward at maximum speed with personal support. The coaching process includes high performance strategies resulting in personal transformation and goal achievement.

The Individual Coaching Program will help you

  • Profitably and exponentially expand your business
  • Create prosperity beliefs and mindset 
  • Transform habits for sustained high performance
  • Increase intuitive intelligence and consciousness
  • Create a holistic integrated lifestyle
  • Dream bigger and achieve more than individually possible

During your virtual, flexibly scheduled sessions you will 

                 -Be intuitively guided for optimal solutions 

                 -Transform through energy upgrades and energy principles coaching

                 -Create Cumulative, exponential and permanent change

Between coaching sessions you can

                 -Accelerate goal achievement with higher consciousness audios 

                 -Access Nancy through text and email for continuous support  

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A few client results...

"Nancy helped me lay the groundwork to increase my net revenue by 20%...She's able to work with people at all levels and help them achieve their goals." J.C.

"With Nancy, I gained huge shifts in financial abundance, freedom and goal clarity. I have studied personal development all my life and have never experienced these kinds of achievements." Tara Peyerl, Sales Executive

"Nancy helped me get unstuck and release limiting money beliefs, which helped me attract my first big client. She brought me so far in a very short time, further than many business coaches." Sarah Becker, Owner,

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CCA Mastermind Program

Conscious Leadership Strategy, Skills and Vibration: For leaders committed to accelerated growth and impact 

Groups Start Nov 10, 2021

This 12-month coaching program is designed for leaders to transform their business and life in a combination of individual and group coaching environments.

It is a comprehensive model ideal for individuals who want to create maximum growth and impact. The coaching process yields both business and personal transformation with accelerated results. 

CCA Mastermind is for you if you:

  • Envision profound transformation 
  • Expect to experience accelerated growth with your business 
  • Want to learn to access your intuitive guidance system
  • Value consciousness-expanding programming 
  • Thrive in new territory with quantum support
  • Benefit from ideation with like-minded leaders
  • Desire optimal expression and expansion of purpose
  • Are committed to increased impact and transformation

The CCA Mastermind Components:

A. Group Mastermind

  1. 4 Quarterly Group Events 
    • Half Day Intensive- Nov 10, in person/virtual, 9-1:30pm cst
    • Quarterly Virtual Group Sessions
      • Jan. 15, Aug 17, 2022
      • 2 hours each, 12-2pm cst
    • Conference April 6-8, 2022
    • All events recorded
  2. Spotlight Focus for Member Businesses
  3. Conscious Leadership Curriculum, Discussion, Support
  4. Consciousness Raising Methods Experienced

B. Monthly Individual Coaching Sessions

  1. Personalized Strategy Session- September 
  2. Coaching Session Elements:
    • Business Acceleration Strategies
    • Quantum Clearing and Manifesting Blueprint Update
    • Lifestyle Optimization
    • Raising Consciousness Assignments
    • 8 Coaching Sessions In-Between Group Meetings
    • 90-Minute Sessions, Flexible Scheduling

C. Dynamic Response Business Conference: Optimal Growth Strategies in a Structurally Shifting Economy  

  1. April 6-8, 2022
  2. In Person and Virtual
  3. Fort Myers, Florida

D. Increased Consciousness and Higher Brain Access

  1. Energy Blueprint Upgraded
  2. Brain Reprogramming Ongoing

E. Intuitive Validation and Solution Feedback Ongoing

  1. Available Throughout the Program-24-48 Hour Response
  2. Accelerates Optimal Results
  3. Access To Nancy Through Email and Text

F. Applications Accepted Now  

  1. To Apply -Click the Apply Button below to schedule your free 30 minute consultation with Nancy for further details and registration
  2. Limited openings! Apply now and begin your accelerated transformation!  

A few client results....

"Nancy helped me far exceed my business goal and achieve my weight loss goal. My business grew 18%! I have learned that when Nancy recommends something- just do it- it works!" Katrina, Consultant

"Nancy and have been instrumental in changing my life and my business for the better. Nancy provided invaluable insight and tools to help me develop higher consciousness to be better aligned in my business, life and health.  If you are a business owner looking to remove limiting beliefs and live a joyful, happy and fulfilling life, Nancy can help you and create a map for the future.” Alan Wallner,    

"Nancy is amazing! My monthly revenue doubled, then increased 47% the next year and 63% the following year... I would recommend her program to every business owner. I am confident that you will receive a return on your investment!" Angela Alvig, Owner,

Transformation Blueprint Online Coaching

Transformation Through Conscious Leadership 

This individual coaching program provides predictable, accelerated transformation through applying Conscious Creation Accelerator leadership principles.  It includes a combination of two one-to-one virtual strategy sessions with Nancy Clairmont Carr and a complete online training blueprint within 90 days. It is designed to achieve a key 90-day goal and lay the groundwork for a longer term transformation.  

This online course is ideal for achievers who want time-flexibility and prefer working independently towards their significant intentions, goals and outcomes.  The coaching process includes sustainable high performance strategies  resulting in personal transformation and increased business growth and impact. It also includes a brain-reprogramming process to transform mindset, remove limiting beliefs and other stuck energy that inhibits goal achievement.

Transformation Blueprint Online Coaching will help you

  • Achieve a 90-day goal/intention with predictability 
  • Accelerate achievement of all intentions, goals, objectives with less resistance 
  • Access just-in-time solutions for optimal decision making 
  • Develop higher brain thinking
  • Increase intuition and conscious leadership skills 
  • Use intention to optimize outcomes
  • Set the foundation and processes for ongoing accelerated transformation 

Each participant receives a complete conscious leadership coaching blueprint that provides 

                  -Conscious Leadership principles for accelerated transformation

                  -An intuitive coaching appointment to initiate the program 

                  -Access to goal acceleration and brain-retraining audios

                  -End-of-program intuitive coaching appointment 

                  -Worksheets and other supportive tools

Transformation Blueprint Online provides principles and actions that create permanent, cumulative and exponential growth in all areas of your life. It prepares you for creating the business, life and impact you desire in an accelerated process that removes as much resistance as possible. You are always in control of creating the future you desire. What you learn in this course allows you to manifest with ease and grace to create joy, abundance and freedom for yourself and others. 

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CCAtm Monthly Clearing
Energy Powered Manifesting Groups 

This 12-month virtual group will accelerate goal achievement, raise consciousness, and take advantage of the increased planetary energy. No matter what other energetic healing or manifesting programs you are involved with, this unique group approach will help you move forward faster with less effort for all intentions.

The singular purpose of this clearing, healing and manifesting program is to pinpoint specific intentions you have at each monthly gathering, and allow the group to send you focused healing energy to clear blocks and speed manifestation.

In addition to accelerated outcomes, participants also receive these benefits:

  • Remove limiting beliefs and other stuck energy
  • Minimize effort for goal achievement
  • Heal past trauma
  • Eliminate Money blocks
  • Expedite joy, abundance and freedom in your life.

You will receive support in each of the three parts of the CCAtm Monthly Clearing.

  1. Energy clearing before each monthly gathering to begin the manifesting process 
  2. Group energy individually focused at the Monthly Clearing
  3. Final healing/clearing/manifesting with the group 

Every person gets individual clearing and manifesting energy, every time, in the Monthly Clearing.  No matter what you feel or notice during the individual support, the energy you receive is immediate, impactful and accelerates outcomes!  Your specific intentions can be related to any aspect of your business or life.

CCAtm Monthly Clearing Details

  • 2 hours each month- 12 month program
  • Two group time options- 11:30 cst and 5:30 cst  
  • Small groups to allow for individual focus  
  • Registration open now
  • Groups filled based on registration date, time 
  • Both groups start the week of December 7, 2020 

I can't wait to help you create the business, impact and life you desire!

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Private Facebook Group
Transformation Through Conscious Leadership- Online Community

This interactive online energy coaching program is designed for increasing consciousness and achievement acceleration. Goals for profitable business growth, aligned body-mind-spirit health and creating optimal relationships will be realized more powerfully within this community of influencers.  

This program is ideal for independent achievers who want to optimize their ongoing expansion through applying conscious leadership principles. The coaching process includes high performance coaching strategies resulting in personal transformation and goal achievement.

Conscious Creators private FB group will help you

  • Accelerate goal achievement
  • Increase intuitive intelligence and consciousness
  • Use intention to guide outcomes
  • Create optimal solutions for ideal transformation
  • Dream bigger and achieve more than individually possible

Each member will receive 

  • Monthly virtual group energy optimizations (recorded) 
  • Q&A intuitive guidance in online platform
  • Access to conscious leadership strategies, tools, and support
  • Connection to like minded achievers for additional support
  • Access to consciousness shifting, higher brain development tools  

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