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Keynote Speaking 

Professional Speaking to Transform Lives

Nancy Clairmont Carr is a transformation strategist, speaker, #1bestselling author, coach, thought leader and energy practitioner. She helps conscious leaders grow their business, life, and impact. She is known for intuitively coaching business owners, executives and professionals to joy, abundance and freedom, and creating the life they desire through higher consciousness.

A former business executive in the health care and consumer products industries, entrepreneur and transformation coach, Nancy leads clients to consistent accelerated growth through optimal beliefs, high-performance habits and strategy.  She upgrades clients to higher brain thinking and creates access to intuitive solutions, decision making and creativity. She is praised for “her unique and effective approach... When Nancy recommends something-just do it- it works!... She moves people forward further and faster than any other coaching”. Her philosophy of conscious leadership, where authenticity and personal strength empowers self and others, aligns her with win-win outcomes. Client results from her practices are available at

Nancy developed unique body, mind and emotional wellness models for sustained high performance through her health coaching, and integrates them into her business and transformation coaching practice. As a certified energy coach, she increases consciousness and secures intended outcomes through brain re-patterning, removing fears, limiting beliefs and negative habits and patterns. This results in her clients having the intuition, freedom and energy to develop purpose-based work that supports their desired lifestyle.

Nancy's interest in continuous growth, contribution and impact has led her to: get her pilots license at age 19, become a certified French culinary chef from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, get her MBA in marketing, become an expert and teacher in multiple energy healing modalities, succeed in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors, and empower leaders in multi-disciplinary industries excel.  Her purpose of raising the consciousness of humanity leads her to work with clients who are purpose-based and impact focused.

A thought-leader and conscious leadership expert, Nancy provides inspirational speaking, training and coaching to small and large businesses, associations and industry organizations and offers consulting, retreats, workshops, one-on-one, group and on-line coaching.

She presents on topics of Creating Your Business to Serve Your Life, Personal and Professional Transformation, Professional and Business Growth Through Higher Consciousness, Intention Driven Outcomes, Accessing Intuitive Intelligence, High-Performance Business and Lifestyle, Mindset Optimization, Wellness Solutions for High Performance, Body/Mind/Spirit Alignment, Energy Healing, and can create a custom presentation for your group. Some specific presentations include:

  • 7 Ways to Energize Your Business
  • Accelerated Outcomes Through Conscious Leadership
  • Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Productivity
  • Intuition- Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Energy Management for Sustained High Performance
  • Transcend Limitations Through Higher Consciousness
  • 5 Keys to Personal Power and Abundance
  • Optimal Intentions Manifest Optimal Outcomes
  • Surrender to Success- Reduce Stress, Increase Energy, Power Your Productivity
  • 3 Strategies to Increase Consciousness 
  • Energy Flow- The Holy Grail of Health and High Performance
  • Want Energy? Optimize Body, Mind, Spirit Health

Nancy collaborates with other leaders in the conscious leadership movement to educate and drive awareness of strategies and practices that support higher consciousness and global impact. Some of the free and paid services of this collaboration are available at

In addition to spreading her message, Nancy loves being with family and friends, cooking, being in nature, reading and working out.

Nancy as keynote speaker

Nancy welcomes invitations to speak to leaders who want to transform and optimize their business, impact and lifestyle. Business organizations, professional groups, conferences, leadership teams, trade associations and networking groups whose members fit this profile are a great fit for her keynote presentations.

To arrange for Nancy Clairmont Carr to be your keynote speaker or create a seminar or workshop for your organization, group or association, contact her through, or 612.385.3220.

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