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Transformation Blueprint

Optimized Growth Through Higher Consciousness

Online Energy Coaching Template

This 90-day individual energy coaching program provides a combination of a one-time strategy and energy clearing session and independent online guidance to create the business, impact and lifestyle you desire. It is designed to help reach a short term objective and lay the groundwork for a longer term goal. It creates a template for ongoing transformation through higher consciousness. 

This online course is ideal for you if you want time-flexibility and prefer working independently. The coaching process includes strategies resulting in personal transformation and goal achievement.

To learn more about Nancy Clairmont Carr, Transformation Coach and The Joy-Effect, click here.

Transformation Blueprint Online Program will help you

  • Develop the foundation for ongoing transformation 
  • Accelerate goal achievement
  • Increase intuitive intelligence and consciousness
  • Experience energy clearing for optimal transformation
  • Use intention to guide outcomes
  • Create optimal solutions for ideal transformation

You will receive a complete energy coaching blueprint that provides

  1. 1
    Energy principles & training for accelerated transformation
  2. 2
    A strategy and energy clearing session including intuitive guidance
  3. 3
    Access to goal acceleration and energy optimizing audios
  4. 4
    An end-of-program check-in session and next level audio selection
  5. 5
    Worksheets and other supportive tools

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