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Keynote Speaking 

Professional Speaking to Transform Lives

Transformation expert Nancy Clairmont Carr will transform the way you create change so you can achieve your goals consistently and fearlessly!  She is an inspiring speaker and bestselling author who founded The Joy-Effect to help achievers optimize their business, health and relationships. Through her presentations and seminars, Nancy helps her audiences experience the power of transforming through higher consciousness. As a certified energy coach and practitioner, she helps individuals access their personal power by removing fear, limiting beliefs, and success blocks. With her business leadership, entrepreneurial ventures and coaching background, Nancy helps her audiences large and small with effective change strategies.

Nancy's personal journey and enthusiastic style helps her connect to her audiences. Her passion and skill for helping others create the change they desire makes her audiences engaged and able to apply what they learn from her keynotes.  Her interactive presentations create a springboard for change.

A thought-leader and transformation expert, Nancy is open to presenting on any topic related to Transformation, Business Growth through Higher Consciousness, Intention Driven Outcomes, Intuitive Intelligence, High Performance Lifestyle, Mindset Optimization, and Energy Coaching. These are some of her presentations: 

  • Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Productivity
  • Intuition- Access Infinite Intelligence to Fuel Your Lifestyle
  • Aligning Your 3 Energy Centers for Sustained High Performance
  • Transcend Limitations Through Higher Consciousness
  • 5 Keys to Personal Power and Abundance
  • Optimal Intentions Manifest Optimal Outcomes
  • Surrender to Success- Reduce Stress, Increase Energy, Power Your Productivity
  • 3 Strategies to Increase Consciousness 
  • Energy Flow- The Holy Grail of Health
  • Want Energy? Optimize Body, Mind, Spirit Health

Nancy targets audiences of conscious achievers and influencers who want to transform and optimize their business, impact and lifestyle. Business organizations, conferences, leadership teams, trade associations and networking groups whose members fit this profile are a great fit for Nancy's keynote presentations.

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