earth with sunrise for high Performance strategies for conscious leaders and influencers


High Performance Strategies for Conscious Leaders and Influencers 

Fall 2020, check back for further details  

Join us for a transformative program that delivers

  • Strategies for sustainable high performance and growth
  • Templates to access intuition for optimal decision making
  • Alignment of physical, mental, emotional energy

Thought leaders need strategies that support optimal growth with least effort in work and life. Like Katrina, who grew sales over 20% annually while decreasing work time 20%. Or Angela, whose business doubled through high performance, high profit strategies, while creating more time for additional priorities in her life.

Incorporating these strategies into your practices accelerates growth and intuition, which supports increasing consciousness. This aligns with the integration of a purpose driven vision into your business and life. 

This retreat is for achievers who want to

  • Create powerful outcomes with least effort
  • Influence tribes and teams with high vibrational energy
  • Leverage work to create more time



 Nancy Clairmont Carr- Transformation expert focused on developing higher         consciousness in leaders and influencers to optimize their business and life. Nancy will be teaching Strategies for Increasing Consciousness and High Performance. 

Guest Speakers:

 Julie Shide- Financial expert focused on helping individuals build and preserve wealth. Julie will be teaching Financial Strategies Promoting Conscious Living. 

 Catherine Liska- Body/Mind expert focused on teaching individuals how to optimize physical and mental energy. Catherine will be teaching Body Mind Intelligence. 

Retreat Center- check back for further info

Registration for the 2020 Retreat- check back for further info

Custom Retreat

  • If you would like to set up a custom retreat in your organization, contact Nancy Clairmont Carr will work with you to meet your needs.