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Published on October 21, 2015
by Nancy Clairmont Carr

Transformational Guide Spotlight Video

Picture of Nancy Clairmont Carr for 'Welcome!" article. We’re thrilled to introduce Transformational Guide Nancy Clairmont Carr in a new Spotlight Video.

The Transformational Guide Spotlight video is 3 minutes and 55 seconds long and we hope you’ll take the time to enjoy it!


Just click ‘Play’ on the video! Please find the script I wrote below.  I stuck close to it.

You are awesome!  

I appreciate you!

picture of Nancy' Clairmont Carr's signature a Nikken distributor and wellness consultant expressing gratitude for healing testimonials

Nancy Clairmont Carr

Transformational Guide Spotlight Video Script:

“I am often asked how a person can create more fulfillment in all areas of their life. Many people find themselves stuck in unhealthy work and personal relationships, and physical and emotions challenges and are unable to attract what they really want in their lives. They certainly are not experiencing joy. These stressful circumstances take them in a downward spiral, creating frustration and disharmony throughout their lives. Taking one’s life to the next level is exciting but often challenging when one tries to do it alone. It is difficult finding an effective solution, as the traditional approaches of books, courses and family advice rarely create real transformation. Here are some practical ideas to help a person achieve the life most people only dream about:

  1. Work with a holistic transformational guide who can help them identify what they really want, remove the barriers that hold them back, and then finally make the changes that will empower their life.
  2. Select a guide who is focused on the end result and has multiple tools in their tool kit to assist them. Make sure those tools include body, mind and spirit strategies to make core changes. Investigate the results they have achieved for other people. This will give the person the confidence that they will achieve the results they are looking for.
  3. Finally, ensure there is a good fit between the guide and a person’s needs, personality and style before deciding to work with them. A very effective way to do this is to request a free exploratory consultation.  Talking to the guide over the phone or video helps identify their energy level, abilities and fit much more clearly.

After living a very stressful corporate life and knowing I needed to make some changes, I left to create more freedom and balance in my life.  What I discovered was so powerful and effective for me, and improved all areas of my life, that supporting others to achieve their dreams has been my life’s passion and work for over 15 years. I believe it is our birthright to live with intention, creating exactly what we want in life.

I guide people to do just that. If a person wants to create life changes and is tired of trying to do it alone unsuccessfully, I invite them to discover an effective holistic approach to finally get the results they desire. They can visit my website at NancyClairmontCarr.com and learn more about the transformation process.

Then they can call me at 612.385.3220 for a FREE no-obligation consultation to determine how we would partner together.  Life really can have more fulfillment, abundance and Joy. Thank you!”

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