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Published on February 27, 2019
by Nancy Clairmont Carr

Are you being transformed to create the life you desire?

The Joy-Effect has been! It was first launched to help support achievers who want to grow. In the process of helping many people become transformed, The Joy-effect has done the same. We have been helping individuals create more joy, abundance and freedom in their lives, even more powerfully now!

Today we are launching our new website to focus on our message “Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Profitability” as told in our #1 bestselling book Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner: Vol 2 which launched Nov. 2018.  We have unveiled several of our new programs to meet the needs of our clients no matter how transformed they already are. We can help them get where they want to be!

Our Energy Coaching Programs help individuals and their businesses grow through higher consciousness with offerings that meet their specific needs. We help clients achieve their profitable growth goals and become exponentially and optimally transformed! Our energy coaching model continuously upgrades brain function, increases consciousness and removes fears, limiting beliefs and success blocks.

As a transformation expert, certified coach and energy practitioner, I am very excited to be able to help many more achievers grow the way they prefer. Some of our exciting new energy coaching programs can be found on our website and include:

  1. Quantum Individual Energy Coaching– Available Now! A comprehensive program for those who prefer to become transformed at maximum speed with personal support
  2. Quantum Mastermind Energy Coaching– Apply Now! A comprehensive group program for those who prefer to grow at maximum speed within an interactive group of like-minded individuals. Limited spots available!
  3. TSPTransformation Subscription Program-Starting April 12, 2019! This program provides accelerated goal achievement and transformation in an online interactive group platform.
  4. Transformation Blueprint– Starting May 4, 2019. This provides a one-time strategy and energy clearing session along with online coaching with a blueprint for transformation for those who want time-flexibility and prefer working independently.
  5. Speaking, Workshops and Retreats- designed to transform lives through higher consciousness energy coaching exercises and activities.

A few quantum results from our clients:

“Nancy helped me far exceed my business goal and achieve my weight loss goal. My business grew 18%! I have learned that when Nancy recommends something- just do it- it works!” Katrina, Consultant

“Nancy is amazing! My monthly revenue doubled … I would recommend her program to every business owner. I am confident that you will receive a return on your investment!” Angela Alvig, Owner, www.Simplify-Wealth.com

Which program is best for you? As always, we provide a free consultation to help you move forward on the best path!
Let us help you create a transformed business and live the life you desire!

Be Joy!

Nancy Clairmont Carr
Where Achievers Grow
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Transformation Coach: #1 Bestselling Author:Speaker: Brilliant Practicing ExpertTM
www.TheJoy-Effect.com: Nancy@NancyClairmontCarr.com: 612.385.3220: NikkenBiz

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