Joy Effect: Video

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Nancy Clairmont Carr-Higher Consciousness Creates Joy, Abundance and Freedom

“Business Growth From The Inside Out” with Phil Pelucha on Billionaires in Boxers podcast, August 17, 2021

Time To Shine Today Podcast Episode 70: Interview with Nancy Clairmont-Carr from The Joy-Effect  April 28, 2020
How Your Energy Impacts Business by Nancy Clairmont Carr Jul 11, 2019
Energy Centers For Optimal Performance With Nancy Clairmont Carr Jun 12, 2019

Impact of Stress On Performance With Nancy Clairmont Carr Apr 3, 2019

Twin Cities Wellness Collective Podcast: “Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Profitability” with Nancy Clairmont Carr, March 28, 2019

CUTVnew: Internet blog talk. Jim Masters Interviews Nancy Clairmont Carr “Living in The Zone” Jan 17, 2019

Consciousness Level Equals Quality of Life with Nancy Clairmont Carr Jan 16, 2019

Creating a Higher Consciousness Business with Nancy Clairmont Carr Dec 12, 2018

New Strategies to Improve Business Profitability with Nancy Clairmont Carr Oct 31, 2018

Sales Coach Now Podcast, Interview with Ursula Mentjes, “Manifest Intentions, Change Your Energy and Heal your Heart" with Nancy Clairmont Carr” Feb. 19, 2018

Interview with Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon. “Beliefs and Healing: An interview with Nancy Clairmont Carr”

Interview with Cheryl Leitschuh “Transformation Coaching” Sept 8, 2016

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