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Published on August 23, 2016
by Nancy Clairmont Carr
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Get Unstuck!

How would life change if you could get unstuck from

-physical pain – would new opportunities open up for you?
-mental/emotional pain – would your relationships improve?
financial pain – would more income create a new lifestyle?

All pain is from being stuck with fear, limiting beliefs and imbalances. Get unstuck, be pain free and live with personal freedom!

 “I was burnt out and feeling lost and stuck in my business. After my session with Nancy I booked 4 events the first month, 2 additional large expos the next, and attracted a business partner I was seeking!  It was like my creative brain worked again! I recommend Nancy for moving forward in your business and in life!” M. Bekkala,

 Are you ready to get unstuck and create a new future?

Your timing is perfect.  I am offering an 8-Week Pain Turnaround program that will

  • Launch September 29, 2016. (find out more here)
  • Eliminate fears that keep you stuck permanently.
  • Remove imbalances that prevent you from healing.
  • Release your limiting beliefs and set you free
  • If you want to release chronic pain, double your income, change a relationship, or get healthy, the 8-Week Pain Turnaround will help you create the lifestyle you have dreamt about.

With a background in leadership, health & lifestyle coaching and energy healing, I have transformed lives for over 16 years.  I decided to get unstuck and have created more joy and abundance than I thought possible.

“Before working with Nancy I was mentally exhausted and emotionally empty from a broken relationship. She helped me reframe my value, and release limiting beliefs, trapped emotions and habits that didn’t help me. After doing the energy work with Nancy I was not in such deep heartache and pain, and I could see my situation more clearly. I am moving through the grief process more quickly and am optimistic about creating a positive relationship with a partner. R Loeslie  More success stories at .

Interested?  Take the next step.

  1. Watch this short video; and find out more here how you can get unstuck
  2. Ready to sign up? Call me now at 612.385.3220
  3. Need more info? Set a time now to talk with me at nancy@nancyclairmontcarr.com

Are you ready to get unstuck and create the life you really want? Act now!

nancy Clairmont carr and article on how to get unstuck and the 8-week turnaroundYou are awesome, I appreciate you!

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Nancy Clairmont Carr
Holistic Health and Transformational Guide
www.The Joy-Effect.com.612.385.3220
P.S. Set a time at nancy@nancyclairmontcarr.com  to talk with me. Join me now for Sept 29!


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