Published on July 25, 2016
by Nancy Clairmont Carr
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 2 pigs showing how pain keeps you from freedom
Pain squeezes your freedom!

Your pain is costing you! What are all the ways it gets in your way?

You know those pains you have learned to live with?  The physical or mental pain from health challenges, or the emotional pain from a relationship gone sour or past trauma, or financial pain from never earning what you really deserve or just hating your job. Yea, those pains. You know what all pain points have in common?  In every situation, there are fears, beliefs, habits and underlying stuck negative energy that keep you from effectively dealing with it.

Tolerating pain is very costly.  In addition to the effects already mentioned, it actually costs you your freedom. Freedom to express yourself as you wish, to develop the gifts you have, to live on purpose and make the real impact you want, and to live the life you deserve.

So how do you effectively deal with your pains so you can have freedom? By removing the underlying negative energy and beliefs.  Are you interested in creating a totally free life?  Do you want to remove the pains you have been tolerating and turn your life around now?

Your timing is perfect.  I am offering an 8-Week Pain Turnaround program that will:

  • Launch September 15, 2016. (find out more here)
  • Eliminate fear and limiting beliefs that keep you in a straight jacket.
  • Remove stuck energy that prevents you from healing and change.
  • Release you from your prison and set you free
  • Whether you want to release chronic pain, double your income, change a relationship, or get healthy, The 8-Week Pain Turnaround will help you create the exact lifestyle you have dreamt about.

I have been transforming lives for over 16 years, using my 30 years of leadership, health/lifestyle coaching and energy healing. I removed my own stuck energy and pain and have created more joy and abundance in my life than I thought possible. “Nancy is genuinely interested in helping people. She helped me understand what to change to achieve my goals and be more balanced professionally, emotionally and physically.  Her knowledge is profound. I am always amazed by the variety of tools she offers.  I can count on Nancy for total solutions.” Aurelie Spirito,   More success stories at .

Interested?  Take the next step.

  1. Watch this short video; and  find out more here about the program

  1. Ready to sign up? Call me now at 612.385.3220
  2. Need more info? Set a time now to talk with me at

Are you ready to release your pain forever? Take the first step now!

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