Higher Consciousness  

The Currency For Success

Welcome to The Joy-Effect!  Where living with joy, abundance and sovereignty flows from developing higher consciousness.

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Our level of consciousness directs the flow of our lives. Nancy Clairmont Carr and the Joy-Effect are committed to raising the level of consciousness and frequency through developing conscious leaders globally.  Conscious leadership transforms work, community, and philanthropy into more joyful environments with realized potential for all members. 

We are entering into an era of higher consciousness which can feel unsettling and somewhat chaotic as we navigate the changes. By developing higher consciousness as you adapt to the new environment, you will release negative patterns, limiting beliefs and challenging issues, resulting in feeling lighter, having more internal freedom and confidence, and unlocking your greatest gifts.  Higher self-trust, stronger heart-brain connection and internal guidance develop which attracts more optimal experiences, people, and results.

Higher consciousness leverages your intentions and intuition to transform your life and business more quickly and effortlessly. It supports unlimited goals of financial and other abundance, relationship desires and health, without judgment.  Most importantly it provides personal sovereignty, creating authenticity and empowerment to live your truth.


Higher consciousness is the currency of success in our new environment


As old ways of thinking that no longer serve us are released on a personal and collective scale, our world changes form and creates new beliefs and expectations. Adapting to thrive in this new environment is your most important role.

Higher consciousness is a choice. Living with sovereignty is the result. It is a decision that will set you free.

Nancy Clairmont Carr's transformational speaking, coaching, consulting and other conscious leadership programs produce accelerated and sustainable personal and business growth through developing higher consciousness. Whether you are a new or seasoned business owner, executive or professional, The Joy-Effect's programs will transform your life and your work. 

"Nancy enables you to tap into your higher consciousness, shed old belief systems, and trust your intuition so that you become fully aligned with your purpose. After a lifetime of working with leadership coaches, she is the first I have experienced that works with you as a whole and connected human being." M. Bridget Duffy M.D., Healthcare Movement Maker

"I have learned that when Nancy recommends something- just do it- it works! The biggest hurdle to moving forward is ourselves and our blocks. She removes anything in your way." Katrina, Consultant

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