Professional Speaking To Transform Lives

Nancy presents to business owners, executives, and professionals who want to utilize  conscious leadership principles for accelerated, sustainable growth and impact.  
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The Conscious Leadership Model

Key principals create a blueprint for change
Nancy Clairmont Carr coaches leaders to exponentially grow their business, life, and impact through her Conscious Leadership Model. She shares the principles of this model and the benefits of developing higher consciousness as a way for leaders to navigate their changing environment to create the future they desire.

Nancy shares examples from her experience as a former business executive in the health care and consumer products industries, along with her results from over two decades as a transformation coach and consultant to communicate the power of higher consciousness and sovereignty. 

As a thought leader and conscious leadership pioneer, Nancy provides speaking, training and conferences to businesses, groups and industry organizations.  Her key-notes, conferences, and workshops cover a variety of topics related to her three areas of expertise:
  • Creating exponential growth and impact by removing fear and scarcity thinking; and developing higher level, intuitive thinking
  • Attaining sustainable high performance and goal realization by optimizing mental, emotional and physical health
  • Establishing personal sovereignty by developing higher consciousness
Nancy educates and engages her audiences with high energy, sharing leadership principles and strategies that will help leaders thrive in a fast changing environment.

To arrange for Nancy Clairmont Carr to be your keynote speaker or create a conference or workshop for your organization, group or association, contact her now.

"It has been transformative to work with Nancy. She is committed to supporting her clients- in growing their leadership and work in the world, their health and in developing higher consciousness." 

Elizabeth Sullivan, Owner, Soma Soul Sovereignty

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“Nancy’s conferences and workshops were absolutely life changing. As a result of hearing her speak and participating in the workshops etc, I have worked through years’ worth of trauma that I didn't even realize I was carrying around, affecting my everyday life and relationships. I have let go of versions of myself …that were holding me back from the life I have always envisioned, and the business I have now built. Nancy, thank you for being you and doing what you do so well.”

Randi Maree at


“I have been to several of Nancy's workshops. Not only were the topics extremely useful, but the energy in her presentation made it even more profound. She knows how to connect with and engage an audience while delivering valuable & concise content.  I have applied her content to improve my life and develop my business.”

Shayden Suknasky, Divine Developments, Canada  


“Nancy is hands down the best speaker I've experienced in the leadership transformation space. She ensures her audience has an immersive learning experience to deepen confidence and accelerate growth. Her presentation topics are transformative. Nancy has a way of presenting complex topics clearly, providing first-hand experience and strategies for listeners to grasp new concepts and apply them over time. I have used her intuitive skills development content to identify key issues, improve decision making and grow my business.”

Rachel Loeslie,