Quantum Acceleration Blueprint With Consciousness

Conscious Acceleration Template

Principles for Creating Unlimited Growth and Impact

~Online Course~

Available September 2024

This self-directed online coaching program provides predictable, accelerated transformation through applying the Conscious Leadership Model principles as explained in the template.  

As a turnkey program, it is designed for independent leaders who want to progress at their own pace. It empowers them to achieve a key short term goal and develop a framework for long term personal and business transformation.

The strategies in Conscious Acceleration Template can be duplicated for continual goal attainment with predictability. Integrating the concepts and programming of each principle in the template creates conscious leadership and sustainable high performance for quantum growth and impact.

Inherent in this program is a process to develop higher consciousness and energetically remove fear, limiting beliefs, and other interference with abundance creation and goal attainment.

It opens up new pathways, accesses higher level thinking and transforms one's complete energy field for expansion to one's highest potential. This process results in inner freedom and personal sovereignty, optimal for thriving in our dynamic environment.
Conscious Acceleration Template will help you:
  • Achieve intentions with predictability
  • Accelerate goal attainment with less effort
  • Access solutions for optimal decision making
  • Develop higher brain thinking
  • Increase intuition and conscious leadership skills
  • Set the foundation for ongoing accelerated transformation of your business, life, and impact.
This online template provides principles and guided actions to create permanent, cumulative, exponential growth in all areas of your life.  

The Conscious Leadership Model woven into the program prepares you to lead yourself and others with intuition and authenticity.  With this process, you are in control of creating the future you desire.

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HC Training

Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness is the single most important mindset needed to:

  • Optimally architect life within a changing world 
  • Contribute to humanity at the highest level
  • Create a life of joy, abundance, and sovereignty

If you are interested in becoming an energy healing practitioner for personal use or professional purposes, consider the School for Higher Consciousness. It provides a comprehensive curriculum for personal growth and energy practitioner certification.

Participating with these classes does not require any previous experience with energy work of any kind- either receive or providing. All the knowledge, tools and practices are provided to completely empower you to heal your past and create your future the way you desire.

As discussed in all The Joy-Effect program offerings, intuition is the foundation of this work. The curriculum provides a solid understanding and experience of how to develop and use your intuition and progresses from there to a very comprehensive working knowledge of multidimensional energy healing. You can decide what level of proficiency you desire.

Whether you’re looking to develop skills for personal transformation or professional practice, you can experience more of your gifts and potential by learning how to apply cutting-edge methodologies designed to raise your energetic frequency through The School for Higher Consciousness.