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Creating Sovereignty and Consciousness

Intuitive Coaching for Leaders

A comprehensive intuitive coaching program for entrepreneurs, executives, and other leaders who want accelerated personal and business transformation using conscious leadership strategies with high impact.

The process includes empowering leaders with conscious leadership principles and skills, and developing higher consciousness as a foundation for sovereignty.

This intuitive coaching model helps clients identify key intentions, strategies for implementation, and releases all obstacles interfering with attaining pre-determined outcomes.

It also develops higher-level thinking and creates a new personal energetic footprint for optimal expansion. 

Creating Sovereignty is coached by Nancy Clairmont Carr in one-to-one virtual sessions and will empower you to:

  • Access intuitive thinking as a key leadership skill
  • Develop abundance beliefs, expectations and strategies
  • Build increased business profitability, expansion and impact
  • Release limitations and restrictive brain patterns for creative decision making
  • Create optimal physical, mental and emotional health and vitality living your purpose with sustainable energy and high performance

This fast-paced intuitive coaching provides additional support between sessions to facilitate the accelerated outcome of Belief Reprogramming with VIP access to Nancy, Energetic Support, and Intuitively-Guided Solutions.

"You can create as you wish with higher consciousness and inspired guidance."

—  Nancy Clairmont Carr

Expand Your Business With Sovereignty

Transformation Blueprint Coaching

Seven Principles of Evolution and Manifesting-Online Program with Coaching

Apply Now - Begins March 2024

This combination one-to-one and online coaching program activates your internal guidance system and accelerates personal and business transformation with a blueprint for predictable outcomes.

The initial one-to-one coaching initiates you into the conscious leadership model, solidifies your 90 day goal, and helps you understand the process used to reach your goal.

The online program teaches the principles and tools to develop a predictable success model, through higher consciousness and continuous energetic expansion, business growth and impact.

While this program addresses an immediate 90 day goal, it also provides a blueprint for achieving all goals using the conscious leadership model.

During the one-to-one coaching you will:

  1. Establish your goal with intuitive guidance
  2. Release set points of fear, limiting beliefs, and other mindset limitations
  3. Initiate your brain re-patterning for creating an optimal mindset
  4. Create a strategy for developing higher consciousness
  5. Review the seven principles taught in the online blueprint

You will have VIP access to Nancy during your 90-day program. This extra support will clarify questions in the online blueprint to optimize your outcomes.

The Joy-Effect Outcomes

"Working with Nancy has heightened my consciousness, strengthened my intuition, and ability to trust and follow it. She also cleared limiting beliefs around worthiness. What a difference this has made in every area of life- parenting, finances, love, all relationships!”

— Rebecca, Realtor

"I now get paid what I deserve (10x), work with dream clients and have optimized my life in many ways since coaching with Nancy. She helped me remove limiting money beliefs and develop a more abundant mindset” 

— Ammada Tuy, Owner, Lightcodes Consulting and Design