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Creating Sovereignty and Consciousness

Self Mastery For Intuitively Inspired Leaders

Your ability to lead stems from the strength of your personal sovereignty and degree of consciousness.  The more developed both qualities are, the more effective your leadership will be.

The Creating Sovereignty and Consciousness program is a comprehensive self-mastery executive coaching program for leaders who want accelerated transformation into higher consciousness and intuitive leadership with high impact. It is coached by Nancy Clairmont Carr with a high level of one on one support.

The Conscious Leadership Model and creating higher consciousness are the foundation for this program.  The coaching process includes strategic business guidance for quantum growth, transformation strategies for personal sovereignty and higher consciousness, and health optimization programming custom designed for sustaining high performance results.


The Joy-Effect's Creating Sovereignty and Consciousness Program will empower you to

  • Access intuitive thinking as a key leadership skill
  • Develop abundance beliefs, expectations and strategies
  • Build increased business profitability, expansion and impact
  • Release limitations and restrictive brain patterns for fearless decision making
  • Create optimal physical, mental and emotional health for sustained energy and high performance

Nancy Clairmont Carr's focus on creating sovereign conscious leaders helps clients release all obstacles interfering with success and establishes higher consciousness as the currency for an optimal future in a changing world.


During your virtual one-on one sessions you will 

  • Transform through creating higher brain thinking 
  • Create strategic intentions and access intuitive solutions 
  • Develop exponential increases in consciousness

Ongoing support includes

                 -Acceleration of outcomes with belief re-programming 

                 -VIP Access to Nancy 

                 -Energetic support and guided solutions

Nancy Clairmont Carr's Conscious Leadership Model provides enduring growth that transcends genetics, environment, and self and other-imposed limitations.

To apply for this executive coaching program, please click on the green "Apply Here" button below.

"With Nancy, I gained huge shifts in financial abundance, freedom and goal clarity. I have studied personal development all my life and have never experienced these kinds of achievements." Tara Peyerl, Sales Executive

"Nancy is amazing! My monthly revenue doubled... then increased 63% the following year and consistently after that... I would recommend her program to every business owner. I am confident that you will receive a return on your investment!" Angela Alvig, Owner, www.Simplify-Wealth.com

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Leading With Sovereignty (Conscious Leadership Transforms) 

Growth Through Conscious Leadership Principles

Our changing environment requires a change in how we lead ourselves and our teams. Understanding and applying the principles of conscious leadership will create sovereign leaders and sustainable growth for you and your organization. 

This transformation program is designed for leaders in small business, larger organizations, and other professional groups who want to increase leadership effectiveness and thrive in this new environment.  And leverage higher consciousness to lead themselves and others to optimal outcomes.

Higher consciousness is the new currency for creating the business, life and impact we desire.  New ways of thinking based on internal guidance is required to navigate and lead effectively.


Your ability to lead effectively is directly related to your level of consciousness


The Conscious Leadership Model and developing higher consciousness are taught in this program.  The specific concepts will be discussed and experienced as they relate to leading effectively.

This live training and group coaching program will help leaders understand The Conscious Leadership Model, which incorporates all aspects of higher consciousness. The program has eight modules, each one integrating the elements of the model through teachings, group interactions and experiences.  Participating in this transformative program will set the foundation for ongoing development of higher consciousness and activate the Conscious Leadership Model into their work and life.

Leading With Sovereignty follows the same curriculum as the Conscious Leadership Transforms program offered through the School for Higher Consciousness, also designed and taught by Nancy.  However, the dates and timing of Leading With Sovereignty are customized to fit a specific business or organization's needs, while Conscious Leadership Transforms is a regularly scheduled group coaching program, and is open to leaders from multiple organizations.

"Nancy helped me increase my net revenue by 20% and beyond. She works well with people at all levels and helps them achieve their goals."  J. C.

"Nancy helped me develop higher consciousness and align my business, life and health. If you are a business owner looking for a more joyful and fulfilling life, Nancy can help you.” Alan Wallner, Owner, Conscious Branding

Developing higher consciousness in leaders creates a bigger vision with new beliefs and an ability to implement it. It also creates higher profitability, sustainable growth, and a culture of authenticity and desire for win-win outcomes.

Contact Nancy to set up a custom program of Leading with Sovereignty to help your leaders grow their business, and create a more conscious culture to thrive in our changing environment. 

Register Here for the Oct 24th, 2023 Conscious Leadership Transforms program.

Business Growth Acceleration 

Higher Consciousness For Optimal Outcomes 

Group Mastermind Starts January 2024

Are you looking for exponential business growth and impact while transforming with a group of business owners, executives, and other professional leaders? 

Business Growth Acceleration is a 12-month mastermind coaching program which provides all the benefits of Creating Sovereignty and Consciousness above, while structured with both group mastermind and individual coaching sessions.

This mastermind program is designed for heads of business who desire thought leadership and conscious leadership strategy with a group of seasoned business leaders. Additionally, the one on one conscious leadership based coaching and accountability supports accelerated results and transformation in business, life and impact. 

Business Growth Acceleration is a comprehensive model for pursuing purpose through developing higher consciousness and implementing intuitively guided decision making.  It creates the visioning, thinking, and actions required for thriving in our changing environment.


One of the main benefits of coaching with Nancy is clearing fears, limiting beliefs and all other obstacles in the way of success!


Business Growth Acceleration mastermind is an optimal fit if you: 

  • Expect accelerated transformation
  • Desire to remove all obstacles to exponentially grow your business 
  • Envision sustainable revenue of seven figures or higher
  • Value freedom and personal sovereignty
  • Commit to the program 
  • Utilize the teachings, tools and support resources
  • Want higher consciousness thinking
  • Accept 100% responsibility for yourself
  • Choose to leverage your intuitive guidance system
  • Seek optimal expression of your purpose
  • Benefit by learning from and sharing with like-minded leaders

The Business Growth Acceleration Components:

Group Mastermind Sessions:

  • 5 Bi-Monthly Group Events 
  • A Half-Day Intensive
  • Topic Specific Conscious Guest presenters
  • Integration of the Conscious Leadership Model 
  • Programming for Higher Brain, Intuitive Development
  • Accountability
  • All sessions via Zoom, recorded                                                                                                                      

Monthly Individual Coaching Sessions  

  • Intention and Purpose Clarity
  • Customized Business Acceleration Strategies
  • Higher Consciousness Development
  • Mental, Emotional, Physical Health Optimization
  • VIP Access to Nancy
  • Flexible Scheduling

Applications Now Being Accepted   

                    ~Limited placement 

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"I now get paid what I deserve (10x more), work with dream clients and have optimized my life in many ways since coaching with Nancy. She helped me remove limiting money beliefs and develop a more abundant mindset." Ammada Tuy, Co-Owner, Lightcodes Consulting and Design

Working with Nancy has heightened my consciousness, strengthened my intuition and ability to trust and follow it. She also cleared limiting beliefs around worthiness. What a difference this has made in every area of life- parenting, finances, love, all relationships. Rebecca, Realtor

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Expand Your Business With Sovereignty

Seven Immutable Principles Of Perpetual Evolution

Registration Opens March, 2024

Can  you see yourself getting a jump start thinking differently with some short term coaching?

This multi-tiered one-to-one and on-line coaching program activates your internal guidance system and accelerates transformation with strategies for predictable success outcomes. It includes both short term one-on-one coaching and an online blueprint for the strategies, tactics and tools required for success through higher consciousness.

During the one-on-one coaching you will:  

  • Establish your intentions with intuitive guidance 
  • Release set points of fear, limiting beliefs, and other abundance interference
  • Create a strategy for developing higher consciousness resulting in more joy, abundance and sovereignty.
  • Connect with VIP Access to Nancy for support
  • Reach a key short term goal 

The online blueprint includes five coaching modules for integrating the seven immutable principles. They are used to create higher consciousness and continuously evolve in a changing environment. 


The blueprint incorporates the following elements

  • Higher consciousness development strategy
  • Transformation into personal sovereignty
  • 7 Immutable Principles of Perpetual Evolution
  • The Conscious Leadership Model
  • Intuition as a critical business tool
  • Videos, worksheets, and other support tools

Expand Your Business With Sovereignty was designed to be completed in a 90-day window and begin your transformation to lead with intuition and higher consciousness, the new currency of success. 

"It has been transformational to work with Nancy, whether rebranding or for optimal nutrition support. She is committed to supporting her clients- in growing their leadership and work in the world, their health and in developing higher consciousness." Elizabeth Sullivan, Owner, Soma Soul Sovereignty

"Nancy helped me get unstuck and release limiting money beliefs. She brought me so far in a very short time, further than other business coaches." Sarah Becker, Owner,  Clear Simple Business

Quantum Conscious Acceleration Blueprint  

Growth Principles For Creating Abundance and Unlimited Impact

Registration opens March, 2024

This self-directed online coaching program provides predictable, accelerated transformation through applying the Conscious Leadership Model and developing higher consciousness.  It includes the same blueprint as Expand Your Business With Sovereignty.

As a turnkey online program, it is designed for independent leaders who want to transform at their own pace. It empowers them to achieve a key short term goal and develop a framework for long term transformation.  

The strategies in Quantum Conscious Acceleration Blueprint provide a process that can be duplicated for continual goal attainment with predictability. Integrating the concepts and programming of each principle in the blueprint creates conscious leadership and sustainable high performance for quantum growth and impact.

Inherent in higher consciousness development is a process to energetically remove fear, limiting beliefs, and other interference with abundance creation. It opens up new pathways, accesses higher level thinking and transforms one's complete energy field for empowerment at the highest level. This process results in inner freedom and personal sovereignty, optimal for thriving in our changing environment.


Quantum Conscious Acceleration Blueprint will help you

  • Achieve intentions with predictability 
  • Accelerate goal attainment with less effort 
  • Access solutions for optimal decision making 
  • Develop higher brain thinking
  • Increase intuition and conscious leadership skills
  • Set the foundation for ongoing accelerated transformation of your business, life, and impact.

This online blueprint provides principles and guided actions to create permanent, cumulative, exponential growth in all areas of your life.  

The Conscious Leadership Model woven into the program prepares you to lead yourself and others with optimal internal navigation and authenticity.  With this blueprint, you are in control of creating the future you desire with unlimited joy, abundance and sovereignty.

"Nancy's Conscious Leadership Model helped me identify optimal strategies for my professional offerings while expressing my gifts profitably and creating more internally supportive beliefs. Most exciting was how quickly these shifts took place to mobilize my expansion. It has been amazing." Louise Griffith, One Shining Light

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