Conscious Leadership Transforms Workshop

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Higher Consciousness Makes All Things Possible

Experience a world where elevated consciousness isn’t just valued—it’s the essential currency for crafting the life and leadership impact we desire. 

Embrace a vision of conscious leadership within this 8-week workshop, where we explore and immerse ourselves in pivotal concepts like consciousness, surrender, intention, intuition, and sovereignty. Discover the synergy of these ideas as they intertwine to elevate consciousness and transform lives and businesses. This transformational workshop was designed for leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals, excited to develop higher level thinking and flourish in our evolving environment. It facilitates creating our optimal path with authenticity and sovereignty, and empowers the people we lead to contribute their gifts at the highest level.

What can creating higher consciousness do for leaders?

When we understand what creates higher consciousness and how it has become the new currency in our changing environment, we can support it. Raising our consciousness will empower us to transform and improve in all areas of our lives, creating a path for the highest expression of our gifts, and those we lead.

Conscious leadership enables us to create win-win outcomes with the highest impact.

Leverage all aspects of conscious leadership for optimal growth and impact!  As we transform ourselves and our teams by incorporating these principles, the effect contributes to a planetary increase in consciousness. This live training workshop will help you understand The Conscious Leadership Model, which incorporates all aspects of higher consciousness. Participating in this transformative program will set the foundation for ongoing development of higher consciousness and activate the Conscious Leadership Model into your work and life. 

8 Weeks

Wednesday April 3 , then all Tuesdays through May 21, 2024

2 Hour Sessions

4 - 6PM CST / 5 - 7PM EST


Recorded Sessions on Zoom

The Conscious Leadership Transforms Workshop is eight consecutive weeks of two-hour live sessions where we will learn and apply the elements of higher consciousness.  Those elements include intention, intuition, surrender, our celestial team, and how they interact in the Conscious Leadership Model to grow our business, life, and impact.  Each week the teachings will build on the elements discussed previously to create a comprehensive understanding of how conscious leadership transforms. Get ready to learn how to grow your business, impact, and life with more joy, abundance, and sovereignty. Your ability to lead intentionally and effectively is directly related to your level of consciousness.

Your Workshop Facilitator

Nancy Clairmont Carr

I am grateful for the opportunity to live as a sovereign individual. It is the most important gift that comes from developing higher consciousness. Personal sovereignty gives me the freedom to offer my gifts to the world in the most fulfilling and impactful way.  This provides immense joy to me as I facilitate others in creating joy, abundance, sovereignty and optimal impact in the world. Consider your future without the opportunity to express yourself as you choose. It is worth the effort to ensure your personal sovereignty.

"Nancy is a gifted coach who helps her clients live in a state of joy by tapping into their truth and sovereignty.  She has helped me remove any obstacles on my path, and provides practical guidance, deep insights and positivity."

Conscious Leadership Transforms Workshop Teaches You To:

Identify optimal intentions to drive your desired outcomes 

Leverage your intuition as a conscious leader

Use surrender to lower stress and receive intuitive guidance

Choose your thoughts to create your reality 

Employ the key elements of the Conscious Leadership Model

Incorporate intention into all areas of life 

Develop higher consciousness as a transformation strategy

Integrate all aspects of higher consciousness 

Use higher consciousness to access higher-brain thinking

Apply the principles of surrender

Identify and work with your celestial team

Reach intended outcomes more effortlessly in less time

Conscious Leadership Transforms - Class Outline

Through discourse, group interaction and experiential learning, we will cover specific concepts each week in each two-hour workshop session. Click on the + to view the concepts for each week.

The Conscious Leadership Transforms Workshop will run on the following dates:

  • April 3
  • April 9
  • April 16
  • April 23
  • April 30
  • May 7
  • May 14
  • May 21

Program Price:

  • One Payment Installment: $1,299
  • Two Payment Installments: $675 each payment

Week 1

Higher Consciousness: Benefits of it; Role in our current environment; Planetary impact

Week 2

Conscious Leadership Model Part 1- Intention: Purpose; Optimal application.

Week 3

Conscious Leadership Model- Part 2- Intuition: Types; Access; Role in higher consciousness.

Week 4

Conscious Leadership Model- Part 3- Surrender: Meaning and role; Application.

Week 5

Conscious Leadership Model- Part 4- Energetic Support: Purpose; Your divine team; Access; Application.

Week 6

Conscious Leadership Model Integration and Practice

Week 7

Developing Higher Consciousness: Strategies; Tactics; Higher Consciousness vs Traditional Leadership.

Week 8

Integration of Concepts: Applying the principles in an energetic healing protocol


Have questions about the Conscious Leadership Transforms Workshop? View the Frequently Asked Questions below to find some answers. 

Do you need to attend each session?

While sessions are recorded so you can review them at any time, it's worthwhile to attend each session live, as they happen. If you know you will be missing more than two sessions, consider applying for the next workshop.

Is there any benefit to attending live sessions?

In each of the 8 live sessions, the interaction levels are where the action lives! Participation is encouraged and the biggest benefit to attending live sessions is being able to navigate through the workshop in real-time so you can ask questions as you go.

How are payments made?

Once you are accepted into the workshop, payments can be made via Venmo, or PayPal. With PayPal, 5% is added on as an additional cost to cover fees. 

When do payments need to be made?

If you're paying in one installment with a single payment of $1,299, payment should be made after your call with Nancy to complete your registration. 

If you are paying in two installments with two payments of $675, your first payment is due after your call with Nancy and the second payment is due by April 30, 2024.

Any additional questions may be discussed with Nancy in your personal interview.