Personal Sovereignty Reigns Supreme

Sovereignty Can Be Developed

We are not necessarily born with sovereignty, however it can be developed. I came to this realization after eliminating limiting beliefs and energy patterns, unsupportive environments, and the influence of governing institution’s policies and regulations.

Living by our truths, while not infringing on the freedom of others is sovereignty - unencumbered by other people and organization's expectations.

There is relentless pressure to follow the narrative of the majority. And who is that? A group of decision makers that do not necessarily have our best interests at heart. Following our intuition is a way to discern truth and preserve our freedoms.

Conscious leadership requires that we stand up for our values to maintain freedom.  This is particularly important in navigating the many societal changes that we are experiencing.

A commitment to
raising consciousness and developing conscious leaders requires continuous discernment of truth- knowing those influences that align with our purpose and those that can be disregarded. The benefits of this commitment are profound.

Being able to offer our talents to the world in the way we choose is a birthright.

Consider a future without the ability to express yourself as you choose. Living without this freedom explains why personal sovereignty reigns supreme.

Living An Optimized Life

The journey to higher consciousness creates many positive outcomes. It releases heavier energies, connects you to your inner guidance, and develops skills to live your purpose. It helps heal your past and supports creating your optimal future.

Through impactful coaching strategies, health optimization, and consciousness elevation, The Joy-Effect provides the most transformative support available for those interested in attaining their highest level of personal and business growth. 

Theses tools and strategies accelerate growth and transformation by removing obstacles including fear and limiting beliefs and facilitating higher brain thinking. The re-patterning of neural pathways and fine tuning intuition provides optimal "just-in-time" solutions and a path to sovereignty.  These upgrades align physical, mental, and emotional health for optimal decision making and outcomes.

Through my coaching and consulting, speaking, as a #1 Bestselling author, energy healing practitioner and teacher, I help individuals experience:  

  • Quantum, sustainable increases in business growth, profitability and impact
  • Optimized physical, mental and emotional health for increased energy, high performance and vitality
  • Exponential and permanent increases in higher consciousness and sovereignty

Transformation in all three areas- business, health, and personal sovereignty- is unique to The Joy-Effect's programs. Ensuring that individuals create their desired future is what inspires me.  This is done through the process of developing higher consciousness, and gives them the freedom to live their purpose.

Take advantage of The Joy-Effect's transformative programs for predictable accelerated growth. profitability and impact in your life and business. Meet with Nancy to determine best fit for you!

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