Transforming individuals into sovereign leaders 

Creating sovereignty allows optimal impact!

Welcome! I’m Nancy Clairmont Carr - a Transformation Expert, Growth and Impact Coach and Consultant, Speaker/Trainer, #1Best Selling Author, and Conscious Leadership Thought Leader.

Through my experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and global citizen, I learned that personal sovereignty comes from following our internal guidance, or intuition- and ensures freedom to fully express ourselves in the most impactful way.

Conscious leadership builds on intuition to access the most effective solutions in our dynamic environment. It also allows us to contribute our gifts and talents at the highest level.

Creating a future that you envision is the work I do. I invite you to work with me to create joy, abundance, sovereignty, and optimal impact.

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Work With Nancy

Coaching & Consulting

Our changing environment requires an upgrade in how we lead ourselves and our teams. Identify which program is optimal for you to develop the new leadership currency for accelerated expansion and impact.

Groups & Workshops

Conscious leadership transforms work, community, and philanthropy into more joyful environments with realized potential for all members. Join like-minded leaders while learning the conscious leadership model.


Learning the tools to transform yourself and your business provides a permanent blueprint to create your future. Choose between independent self-study and a full instructor led cirriculum.

Keynotes & Conferences

Thought leadership and consciousness principles inspire leaders in Nancy’s keynote speaking engagements and conferences. Discover which topics and forum are ideal to transform your teams.

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