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Nancy Clairmont Carr, MBA

Transformation Expert, Keynote Speaker, Achievement Coach, 

#1Bestselling Author, Thought Leader, Energy Practitioner

Nancy helps leaders consistently grow their business, impact and life through conscious leadership. As a transformation expert, she intuitively coaches executives, business owners and independent professionals to joy, abundance and freedom, predictably achieving outcomes with optimal timing and support.

Nancy creates double and triple digit growth through mindset upgrades, optimized strategy, and sustained high performance habits. Her key to transformation includes developing higher consciousness and access to higher brain thinking, and aligning physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy, giving life force to carrying out one's purpose. Nancy's training and business background allow her to serve leaders at all levels. Her philosophy and practices are discussed HERE.

Nancy is praised for “her unique and effective approach... When Nancy recommends something-just do it- it works!... She moves people forward further and faster than any other coach”. Her success in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors translates into proven solutions for client challenges. Nancy shares her thought leadership and strategies through keynote speaking, coaching, energy work, consulting, writing, workshops, and retreats. 

Contact Nancy NOW to optimize your business, life, impact.  612.385.3220,  Nancy@NancyClairmontCarr.com or book appointment


Client Results

Angela Alvig

My revenue doubled in 4 months, grew 47% the next year and 63% the 3rd year from working with Nancy and applying what she taught me. Nancy's coaching has helped me become a more conscious leader and live a life of intention and purpose. Working with Nancy has truly transformed the way I approach life, and I can see and feel the difference! Nancy's coaching programs are worth every penny and then some!

Maureen Higgins

Nancy is a gifted transformation coach and holistic energy practitioner! Nancy has the gift of helping clients name their goals and then achieving them! She uses a combination of coaching, intuition, energetic practices and strategic homework to keep her clients moving forward. I highly recommend Nancy!


Nancy helped me achieve more than I would have imagined. My business grew 18% and I went down to 4 days a week. For my healthy weight goal, her strategy included personal optimization and creating permanent healthy habits. She helped me take the guess work out of decisions. I have learned when Nancy recommends something- just do it- it works!

Contact Nancy NOW to optimize your business, life, impact.  612.385.3220,  Nancy@NancyClairmontCarr.com or book appointment

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Contact Nancy NOW to optimize your business, life, impact.  612.385.3220,  Nancy@NancyClairmontCarr.com or book appointment

Contact Nancy NOW to optimize your business, life, impact.  612.385.3220,  Nancy@NancyClairmontCarr.com or book appointment

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