picture of rose with light behind it expressing energy healing

Energy Healing

Transforming with Energy

Energy Healing for Vibrational Optimization

Energy healing, or Biofield Therapy, brings us to a state of non-judgment, complete acceptance and helps us vibrate at the highest frequency possible. This level of consciousness is felt as joy, unconditional love and freedom. Because we are all connected and all energies are available to us, with effective energy healing strategies and practices our energy field can expand and increase our vibrational frequency.

Effective energy healing techniques will help release past negative experiences, trauma, programmed beliefs and create harmony throughout our energy field and with the environment. This will manifest as more positive mental, emotional, physical and spiritual experiences and allow us to create more of what we desire in our life. It will also help develop intuition, authenticity and help move us toward our life purpose.

picture of a red heart depicting how the subconscious mind is the majority of the mind and where energy healing makes programming changes

Creating new subconscious programming through energy healing will change your life.

We know that our conscious mind only controls about 10% of our actions. Changing the programming in our subconscious mind, which controls the other 90%,  is required to change our outcomes. Energy healing is intentional and makes subconscious changes permanent.

Another way to think about energy healing is what Quantum physics teaches.  Everything is energy and everything is connected.  Because we are pure energy, when we clear out anything that is stuck in our energy field, we increase our vibration and have the ability to create increased flow in all areas of our lives. We are then able to attract into our lives what we desire.

Energy healing is not a religion. It does not interfere with any religious beliefs, and you do not need any specific religious belief to benefit from this work.

picture of hands holding ball of golden light depicting energy healing changes

Energy healing can transform your life into love, peace and joy.

Healing Systems

My work includes certifications in The Body Code, The Emotion Code, Reike I and II, Disconnection from the Collective Shadow, Cellular Activation, and other higher consciousness processes.  I also engage in intuitive coaching as I work with clients. Multiple energy healing systems may be used within the same sessions, depending on the need and time allotted. My years of energy work has taught me that anything is possible and creating the life we desire is our birthright and can be done intentionally.

A typical healing session begins with a discussion with the client identifying their desired outcome and then selecting the healing systems and programs that best serve that client.  Results can take from one to several sessions, depending on the depth of change requested. What is very typical is a feeling of lightness, clarity, elimination of physical or emotional pain, energy restoration and overall increased balance and well-being. More dramatic experiences include chronic physical and emotional pain release, ability to create financial abundance more easily, deeper connection to others, a feeling of acceptance, increased self love and an ability to speak your truth. There are as many outcomes as there are people.  All the energy healing systems I work with can be done in person or remote, with equal effectiveness.

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