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Be the Best

Ever have an experience that absolutely clears the slate and prepares you for moving forward in the most optimal way? I had that kind of a weekend with a group of like-minded conscious creators.  An experience that supports all achievers.

It was about leading by speaking your truth, no matter who pushes back; staying in your power to create what you want; and persisting until you have made the impact you desire.  It was about conscious leadership.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            One of my mentors Bo Eason says Be the Best in his book “There is No Plan B For Your A Game”, because doing so not only develops yourself in the most optimal way, but your tribe shows up to support you and help carry out your vision.

Pam Grout writes in “A Course in Miracles ExperimentNo one but yourself affects you.  So how do you get to the point where you listen to your guidance within, stick to your path to bring more joy, abundance and freedom to yourself and those you lead?

Empower Yourself

You remove all beliefs, thoughts and emotions that limit your creation and keep you stuck. You reshape your energetic footprint so you can be a conscious creator and leader: lead by intention, with commitment and through energy. You tap into the natural forces that support your vision.

This is what we do at www.TheJoy-Effect.com, empower achievers to consciously create the business, life and impact they desire. Leaders, influencers and business owners who want to learn conscious leadership principles and strategies, join our new FREE Conscious Creators Facebook Group to

  • Learn sustainable high performance strategies through alignment
  • Develop intuition for optimal decision making
  • Receive FREE energy clearing/healings to accelerate goal achievement

Receive the Gifts

I will be doing Facebook live intuitively guided Q&A sessions the first 3 Mondays in May at 3pm CT: and giving away a FREE Intuitively guided coaching session to a member of this group during our free energy clearing session May 18th.

Join us now!  Become a conscious creator to accelerate outcomes and achieve your vision.

Nancy Clairmont Carr, Where Achievers Grow

Keynote Speaker; Transformation Coach;#1Bestselling Author; Energy Practitioner;
Schedule a 30 minute conversation ;www.TheJoy-Effect.com; 612.385.3220; 
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