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Published on August 2, 2016
by Nancy Clairmont Carr
Categories - Energy Healing
exit sign showing how pain costs opportunity
Pain costs opportunity!

Did you know pain costs opportunity?  What have you been missing?

Does physical pain keep you from an active lifestyle, or emotional pain prevent you from new relationships, or financial pain hold you back from spending more time with family?

All pain is from stuck fear, imbalances and limiting beliefs. Why let it cost you opportunities when you can get unstuck now?

 “My first session with Nancy was incredible!  I felt like I lost 20 pounds of emotional baggage and feel much calmer as a result. If you’re ready to drop destructive habits, emotions and illnesses that no longer serve you, I highly recommend working with Nancy Clairmont Carr. It’s hard to believe something so simple works so well!” J. Robinson

 Are you ready to release your pain and create your future?

Your timing is perfect.  I am offering an 8-Week Pain Turnaround program that will

  • Launch September 15, 2016.  find out more here
  • Eliminate fears that keep you stuck permanently.
  • Remove imbalances that prevent you from healing.
  • Release your limiting beliefs and set you free
  • If you want to release chronic pain, double your income, change a relationship, or get healthy, The 8-Week Pain Turnaround will help you create the lifestyle you have dreamt about.

With a background in leadership, health and lifestyle coaching and energy healing. I have transformed lives for over 16 years.  I released my own pain and created more joy and abundance than I thought possible.

Nancy Clairmont Carr is enlightened, compassionate and thorough in her work. She helped me on my journey to heal my addiction to unhealthy food…Her work is permanent, transformative and supports a mind-body-spirit approach to health. She made a big impact in my life. I highly recommend her for increasing health and well being overall. J. Shide More success stories  here .

Interested?  Take the next step.

  1. Watch this short video; and find out more here about the program
  2. Ready to sign up? Call me now at 612.385.3220
  3. Need more info? Set a time now to talk with me at nancy@nancyclairmontcarr.com

Are you ready to release your pain and take charge of your life? Act now!

You are awesome, I appreciate you! nancy Clairmont carr and article on pain costs opportunity and the 8-week turnaround

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Nancy Clairmont Carr
Holistic Health and Transformational Guide
www.The Joy-Effect.com.612.385.3220
P.S. Set a time now at nancy@nancyclairmontcarr.com  to talk with me. Join me for Sept 15

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