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Bring on a Health Coach for Vibrant Health

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As a health coach I can move you from aging dis-gracefully to living a vital, joyful lifestyle.

When you think of improving your health, do you immediately state your goal as one specific challenge and assume that by changing that one problem you will create the healthy lifestyle you dream about? Goals and solutions such as reaching your perfect weight by just eating less and exercising more, or addressing your high blood pressure by just reducing salt intake are common.  While these may contribute to better health, there is so much more to creating vibrant, healthy lives!

Figuring it all out on your own can be challenging if that is not your specialty. As a health coach, I help you create clarity around your goal, identify the obstacles you face, develop effective strategies and provide support and accountability until you achieve your desired results. Together, we will customize a program for you.

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Living a healthy lifestyle gives you energy and choice at any age.

Many people believe that when they reach a certain age, they will develop certain negative physical and mental conditions.  But those conditions do not have to do with getting older. They have to do with your beliefs and how you live your life!  Please pay attention!

Due to cellular regeneration your body reinvents itself over and over again.  If you treat it poorly with negative thoughts and lifestyle choices it will continue to age dis-gracefully.  If you decide you would rather develop a vibrant, healthy lifestyle it is not too late!  Remember you get what you focus on so instead of thinking anti-aging, think “Pro-Vitality“!  You get to choose. That is my focus as a health coach. Helping you choose a vibrant lifestyle, where you wake up each morning with gratitude for being alive, being able to make a difference and live with joy!

Vision of Health

picture of a sign that discussed change and is the basis of what a health coach works on.

When you work with me as a health coach I help you determine exactly what is working and what needs to change and how to reach your goal .

I love the initial discussion with clients regarding their goals. By the time they decide they need to change and commit to work with me as their health coach, they are ready to listen.  What they have been doing isn’t working so well or they would already be at their goal. Working with a health coach will move you faster, easier and more enjoyably towards your goal.

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Becoming more confident and vibrant can be your outcome from a partnership with me as your health coach.

Many people focus on part of the problem and want a quick fix to address it.  However, it is most often years of patterned thoughts, emotions and consistent behaviors that got them there. Because you are personally responsible for your life, and your prior decisions create your reality today, you need to take ownership for your actions.  My objective is to help you work with this paradigm so you can decide what you want to do today to create a different future. By being open to real change on a larger scale, you can become more confident, vibrant and improve your overall quality of life.

Mind, Body, Spirit Solution

picture of a head showing internal computer that a health coach works with to reprogram beliefs.

Reprogramming subconscious beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you is part of what I offer as a health coach.

Health is not something you do just for your body or any one area of your life.  It is a lifestyle that incorporates every area of your life. In addition to addressing emotions, thoughts and behaviors contributing to the current situation, as a health coach I help make adjustments needed to your core beliefs and habits in all areas. By broadening your vision, and understanding that your body, mind and spirit are inexplicably connected, you better understand what is needed to create holistic supportive habits for sustainable change.

fruits and vegetables as part of a personalized nutrition program from a health coach

Developing a personalized eating plan to optimize your energy is included in my program as your health coach.

Some key areas I address as a health coach include mindset/beliefs, trapped emotions, self care, stress reduction, individualized nutrition, sleep, hydration, toxic environment, toxic relationships, support systems and movement/exercise. Looking at all these areas helps identify what is not supporting your desired change. I incorporate many strategies to help you make the necessary changes. You may need a little or a lot of help, I will work with you as needed.

picture of a man sleeping as part of a plan from a health coach

A critical component of a wellness plan I develop as your health coach includes providing strategies for rejuvenating, healing sleep.

I had to look at each of these areas in my own life and make many changes over time to create my vibrant, joyful, healthy lifestyle. While I did a lot of my own investigation and work, I also worked with coaches along the way.  When the problem was bigger than me, I knew that someone further along the path could help me to the next step. It was well worth the time, investment and commitment.  I continue to optimize my overall health and wellness daily using coaches in many areas of my life who can help me think differently.  The opportunity for personal improvement and lifestyle optimization never really ends.

picture of a woman doing meditation from her health coach plan

Developing overall stress reduction and joy inducing strategies are the basis of a vital, healthy lifestyle.

Due to the many external stressors in your environment, along with your internal thoughts and emotions, real change takes time, commitment and support.  Achieving a healthy lifestyle is worth the journey, if you want your good health to equal your longevity.

I would love to work with you

If you are ready to create a vibrant, joyful, healthy lifestyle, call me at 612.385.3220 or contact me and let’s partner together to make this happen for you.

I met Nancy Clairmont Carr in 2008 IMGP5381 (2)[1]and soon discovered how much she is genuinely interested in helping the people she meets.  She helped me understand the things I needed to change to achieve my goals and be a more balanced person, emotionally, professionally and physically. Her knowledge is profound and I am always amazed about the variety of tools and strategies she offers for balancing and healing the body.  Nancy is absolutely trustworthy and I know I can count on her whenever I need to talk, find solutions to my concerns or need advice about diet, exercise or emotional issues. She has been a blessing in my life.  Nancy makes you want to be around her and discover her secrets!~ Aurelie Spirito, Eden Prairie, MN

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